Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 17
Shady's Shadow Saver, What A Tongue Twister

Everyone is telling me it'll be okay, but I can't stand it. So I get away from everyone and lock myself in the bathroom. I feel arms slip around me. What the shit?

"Everything is alright, told ya' I wouldn't leave you."

"Johnny?" I turn around and look him up and down. No blood, no burises or anything. "I-I thought you died?"

"Um about th-"

Next thing I know, that lady that helped me out before appeared. "Johnathan, you are causing me many problems."

"I'm sorry, Pandora, but I made a promise." Wait promise? Pandora? Since when does everyone know each other?

"Wait! What the fuck is going on? Why can I still see ghosts?"

"Well I made a promise-" Pandora cuts him off.

"Well, you're the first to actually survive through Shady's Shadow. Shady's shadow is what you were stuck in when you were almost dead, by the way. And I had no idea what would happen after you got your body back, but now I think I know."

She pauses, so I get time to ask a few questions, "So why can I see Johnny, and what the matter with me? I see people who aren't even there, help me?" My voice is still strong, I have no idea how.

"Renee, Darling? You are the next Shadow Saver."




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