Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 16
Why Is Fun In Funeral

My body is numb, I can't feel a damn thing. John's funeral is tomorrow, and his mother expects me to be there. Iggy shot him, he told the cops he meant to hit me, but Johnny threw my body to the side, and took the shot. I guess it hit an organ or something. I guess they knew Iggy had me from the start, just couldn't prove it or something.

I feel like he punched a hole in my chest and left. He promised, "Always, forever!" Pssh, more like never. Suprisingly, Keenan has been really supportive. I haven't told him about my out of body experience. And I'll never tell him, it's just to hard to relive it.

I pick up my guitar, and strum to the melody of Pierce the Veil, Kissing in Cars. I maybe, even started to sing. I hear keenan up againist the door, he won't come in 'cause he know I'll stop. He loves when I play my guitar, he finds it peceful.

Iggy's in jail now, for murder. I hope he stays there forever. Rots in hell, well he's at it. I get up, put my guitar on the stand, and rest my head on my soft pillows, just to fall into a horrible dream.

I'm dancing on Razor's Edge. It just won't stop raining. Almost the good kind of rain. My black/blonde hair now sticking to my skin. For some reason I'm laughing. Johnny pops out of nowhere. He smiles and comes near me. I smile back, tears streaming my face. I want to tell him, I hate him, for leaving me that is. But I say nothing and pull out of the hug. I am wearing a white dress now covered in the dark dreadful blood, of my one and only true love. Four letters form at his tongue as I wake up.

His Day

Today is the day, I say goodbye to my love. Why couldn't I see how much I loved him before? Was I stupid? Yes. How am I gonna' look at him without getting the shivers. Touch him with out being disgusted with everyone?

Keenan doesn't want me to go but I have too. Dad has been good to himself lately. No drinks, well hardly. He told me he wants to change, but what he doesn't know, change is very hard to get use to.

Mrs. Roberts is the one who picks me up and takes me to the funeral. I don't cry, not even when I see him in the death bed. He looks peaceful, but I think they make him look like that. Or maybe he's happy I'm alive, risking a life for another.

Okay, I did cry once I sat down and watched a slide show. One of the pictures were taken a long time ago. It showed Johnny kissing me, we were like seven. I laugh on the inside. Right after he kissed me I slapped him, he thought it was funny.


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