Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 15
When I Fell Into Pieces, You Weren't There To Catch Me

You want to know something? Well, dying, it feels better than aging in reverse. I just let sleep take over and I feel pain, but then nothing. And that nothing feels amazing. I remember seeing people with white masks on, were they crying? I can't remember. Oh, I also saw my brother, I couldn't tell his emotions. I tried to say goodbye, but my voice was lost, along with my body. He got up, but people pushed him back in his seat, how rude.


I woke up, attacked by bright lights. Everything aches. I try to get up and I can't since my body is like strapped down or something. I try and speak but my voice is really dry, I think a 'what the fuck' hardly escaped my mouth.

Then, if I could of, I would have jumped. because Keenan's head pops into view. he starts to cry and hug me, "You're up! Oh my fucking god, you're up!"

I try a laugh, he give me water,"What happened? Where's johnny?"

Keenan doesn't look happy, "John's in the next room over," he pauses, "But you can't see him.''

"Well why the hell not?"

"He's sleeping, and about what happened... Let's just say you were very close to being dead. It was so scary Renee! I didn't even know what happened. the only thing I had to look foreward to, well, actually there wasn't a thing. I can't believe Iggy did this to you." He's crying, not sobbing but tears are rolling down his pale face.

Memories come flooding through my mind. I was here still, and-Oh my god! John! he got shot! "John-He-he-shooting." Keenan looks alarmed and rings a nurse.

"Renee, clam down! Everything will be okay-'' He breaks off, I mean I fall alseep, 'cause the retarded ass nurse injected drugs in my arm.

A Few days later

I wake up and see Johnny on the other side of the room. And I try to sit up and call him over, but he looks up before I get the thought processed.

"Renee, thank god you're awake!" He smiled.

"Same for yourself. keenan acted like you died or something." I laugh, but he doesn't.

"I was very close, so were you." I think the door in the background opens but I'm too busy watching Johnny come up to me.

I smile at him and wave him over. He gets a little closer, and hesitates. I pull him onto me and kiss him. The kiss was long and hard, almost as if we'd never see each other again. I grab at his waist, and gasp. Blood was dripping from his side.

"Johnny-" he looked sad and disappeared.

"Renee, who are you talking too?" Keenan was afraid to know.

"Joh- I don't really know." I start to shake. "Keenan, what the hell happened a couple days ago?" He frowns, and spills out his heart.


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