Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 10
Having Faith In Me

I feel a wash of emotions. I struggle to keep hold of his body but he's not letting me take control. I try to speak to him. It's okay, Keenan, just relax. Too bad that doesn't work, he just mentally pushes me harder. A loud thud of my ass hitting the ground. Damn him I was so close!

"What the hell?" Keenan looks around the room but of course he doesn't see me. Dad is next, maybe I'll be able to control him since he's drunk.

He's crying too. But I can't make out his words. I just need to focuse on the body, that's it! But he is way harder to control than Keenan. After a couple struggles, I can finally control his body! I try and stand but I fall down. things start to turn upside down and rotate. Beer! Woah, now! Is he trying to control me! I don't think so. I jump out of his body.

Agh! this is useless! My legs feel like weights, and my arms aren't responding to me. I just want to lay down on my bed with Keenan. And that's all I do for 12 hours.


I fake a yawn, since I can't sleep. Keenan is gone, no clue where he ran off to. I see my guitar on the stand looking lonely. Maybe I should try and play it? I get up and grab the guitar. And guess what... It actually came with me this time! I sit on my bed and try a few chords. I wonder if anyone peeking into my bedroom can see this.

After an hour of happiness, I decide to visit my good old friend Iggy. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. If I visit him... Wait, when I visit him, I'll give him hell.

Sounds fun? I best be on my way. Near the corner store, across the street to Iggy's house I go. I sing in my head. The door is locked but I go through it. Guess not all doors can keep the unwanted out. I run up the stairs and walk into Iggy's room. A gasp of air comes out of me.

There Keenan is smoking pot with Iggy! Omigosh! I'm going to kick his ass! That's it, if revenge is what I want, it's what I'm gonna' get! I hop right into Iggy's body and try to smack bong away from both of us. I hear a shatter and see it in pieces. Yes! It worked. I jump up and down, making Iggy mimic me.

"What the hell, dude?" Keenan gets off his ass and brushes himself off.

Maybe I should make Keenan hate Iggy, "You know who I loved fucking?" I start to laugh but I hold it in. "Your sister!"

That get a punch in the face knocking me out of Iggy's body. Iggy has a suprised look on his face as Keenan walks out. Paybacks a bitch.

I walk out of his house and walk around until I find myself at Johnny's house. I hope he's home. I want to tell him about what just happened. I wave to Mrs. Roberts, but I remember that she can't see me. God I'm such a dork.

Upstairs, around the corner and I'm in John's room. I see him on his bed messing with a colorful cube. I didn't think he even realized I walk through the door. Well, until he says, "How'd it go?"

"What? How did you know I was here?" I let the suprised tone slip through.

"I don't really know. It's just getting easier." He looks up and laughs. "Almost as if we're connected or something. Cool, eh?"

"Yes, very. But about that whole possession thing... I think I actually did it!" I say excitedly.

"What?! That's great!" He smiles, "What did you do?"

"Well, you won't believe this! My brother was smoking pot with Iggy." Johnny makes a suprised face. "Yeah. So I got mad and jumped into Iggy's body. I let my arms smack the bong away from Keenan. And other shit happened but I was so excited!"

"Damn, girl!" He gives me a hug but not a real one.

"That wasn't a hug! Your hands were at your side!"

He opens his arms and I walk into them. "So like this?" He has them on my upper bac-wait, lower back. Then he touches my ass!

He laughs as I push him away. Causing me to laugh too. "What the hell?"

"Sorry! I couldn't help myself."

The way he smiles always gets me going. Still standing I hug him this time. Before I know what's going on he-I am on my tippy-toes kissing him. The kiss was long and hard. Feelings surfed through me. Love. Longing. Lust. Sadness. And wanting this to last longer than a second before I hit the ground.

"Yeah, we really need to get you back into your body." he said depressed the kiss didn't last longer.

I silently agree. So how do I read minds? Like I know that you probably focus on someone's mind... Right?

You can only hear thoughts about you!

Awesome! I am so loving this voice right now. "Johnny send a thought to me."


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