Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 9
I'm Unbelievable?

"John time to go to Razor's Edge! Hurry!" I start panicking.

"Are you able to sit in the truck?"

"Possibly." We run up the hill and atempt the truck. Luckly I made it through the ride.


I see her shadow before I actually see her body. "Hey! I found him! I think."

Johnny gives me a weird look,"Who are you yelling at?"

"Ohimgod! You're dead too. Wait! How are you suppose to help me if you haven't been through this process before?!" The lady looks sad.

"Hun', I'm stuck here because I took to long to get back to my body. You don't have much time left either. I can tell, you look younger."

"Well, what are the next steps?" I wonder for a minute, "And how much time do I have left?"

"I can only answer one question, since I don't know how harmed your body is. Now the first step is possession, second mind reading, and third finding your body. Those are the last but yet most powerful three steps ever. Mind reading is easy if you can accomplish your first step. It gets easier but you must hurry!"

Poof, she gone... Great.

"What's the next steps?" Johnny asks.

"First, possession, second, mind reading and thrid, body hunting." I shiver, afraid of seeing myself.

"Well do you want to test the first step on me?"

"Do you think it'll work?" I try, but it doesn't work. "Argh! What the hell!"


Focuse this! Focuse that! Blah, Blah. I walk into him and focuse on the lake. Move toward the lake. Please, move toward the lake. GODDAMITT! MOVE TOWARD THE LAKE! He takes two steps but stops.

I jump out of him, "Did I do that?" I ask with excitement.

"Yeah!" He starts jumping up and down. "If only we could make it last longer." So of course I try again, and again.

After 100 tries of step one, I'm all worn out. "Johnny! This is never going to work!" I throw my hand up in the air, not sure if he sees them.

"It will! Maybe you need to try it on a different person. Like your brother, father, or Iggy." I flinch at the name. But then again...

I just thought about tormenting Iggy if I got to control his body, but I need to put mine first. "Maybe. Will you be okay if I go home for a bit? I have seen Keenan that much since the night the cops came. I don't even wanna' know how he's feeling but I got to try and possess him!" I say with determination.

"Fine but promise in two days we'll meet back up? Here?" He says doubtfully. Almost as if he doesn't think I'll come back.

"Pinky promise!" We try and lock pinkies but mine goes right through. "Well I guess that means I better hurry! Bye John! I love you!"

I run up the trail and straight home. I look and see dad wallowing in his own misery of beer cans. He's going to be the next one to die if he continues. I see Keenan holding MY guitar on MY bed. Damn he must miss me.

"Ah, god, why did you take her? I really never believed in you, I kind of don't still but hey! I still have someone to talk to." He laughs, "Renee would kick my ass right now if she saw that I was on her bed and touching her guitar. Too bad I never told her how much I loved her before she left."

By this point my shirt is soaked with tears. Why me?! I never did anything to anyone! Goddamnit! I wipe my tears. This is no time for crying! I have to try and possess his body, no matter how much sarrow I feel.






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