Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 8
Love Is Not My Drug, Kesha

"What the hell do you want?" I can't help but let the venom to leak in my voice.

"Guess how old I really am."


"Fourteen, was how old I was before the accident." She flinches, but looks at me. "You're right you're not dead, but you will be soon. You don't have to believe me, I just suggest you do. I'm here to help, and if you don't listen, you're going to be stuck here like me." She sees my face and continues. "If you don't realize what's happening, you will be dead, hurry and find it."

"Find what?!"

Too late, she's gone, again. So I'm 'almost' dead, and I think it's actually getting through my thick skull. Tears stream down my pale face, almost ghost-like. I run home and cuddle with Keenan. Even if he can't see me.

It feels like days before I get out of the house again. I didn't want to go anywhere. I look in the mirror and jump ten feet in the air. Why the fuck do I look 13? Fuck!

Someone has to hear me, or see me. Oh please! I need help!


John actually. He can see me? I walk down to the lake, it's too early, but I hear voices. Is it Iggy and John?

"Where is she, Ig?"

"Who? Oh, the fucking bitch that told me she loved you more?" Refering to me. Did I say that? I blame all those shots.

"What did you do to Renee? I hope you're good at hiding Ig. The cops are everywhere." John says defensively. Stop hinting him on, Johnny!

"Apparently not good enough or they'd found her body by now."

"Dammit! Iggy tell me where the hell she is! She might not even be alive."

Next thing that comes out of Iggy's mouths shocks me, "Oh, she's breathing, but I can easily make her stop, almost as easily as you tell the cops where I'm at." He looks at his phone, wait, I mean my phone! And smiles, " I should be going, bye Johnathan!"

Iggy, as smart as he is, bolts up the hill leaving Johnny to take his anger out on the rocks in the lake.

"John, stop." I whisper, but he continues. "John! Fucking stop!"

He looks around, I think he heard me.

"John! I'm still alive."

"Renee?" He laughs,"I'm going crazy."

"Sad thing is I'm right next to you! And you think you're going crazy, but you're not!"

"If you are here, how come I can't see you," He frowns and falls to his knees. He mutters a 'dead' and sobs his heart out.

"Johnny stop crying! I'm not dead... Yet."

"Do something, so I know I'm not crazy."

Shit, I can hardly pick up anything, let alone show myself. Pepples are light, right? I grab a hand full of tiny pepples and throw them. Did he see it?

He laughs like a crazy man, "Yep, I'm officially crazy!"

For the rest of the week I stalk John-O. He didn't like it, but suprisingly we hit a breaking point.

"Holy hell, it is you." He says astonished.

"How do you know?"

"Because any regular ghost thing would leave someone alone. Even if they were best friends."

"So you know it's me because of how annoying I am?"

He laughs, "Pretty much, but you sound- I dunno' younger?"

"Shit!" I whisper not sure if he heard it.

Fuck! Voice! I think I found that 'special person', what do I do?

A few moments later...

Meet at Edge! Hurry! Not alot of time.




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