Dear God, Help Me
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 40
If She Dies Tonight Part I: You're All Gonna Die

So back just a little while ago, I dated this girl named Mimi. She was a nice girl. But all she wanted was sex. It hurts when a girl dates a guy and realizes he only wants sex. It hurts more when a guy doesn't know what to do because his girlfriend just wants to fuck him and then go to some other guy that he only finds out about later. Well, one day Mimi's friend played a joke on me. A rather sick one. Basically, telling me she had a 50-50 chance at living. Obviously bullshit. But sometimes things blind us.

This poem is about loving someone so much that you would go on a killing spree if they died. This is about when a guy finds himself crying over a girl that never loved him, but he would give the world just to have her in his arms. And when the world pulls her away from him, he will kill. The blood will shed, and your skin will slither as you sweat in your hiding place, hoping not to have the little string that is your life cut by a cruel pair of scissors.

"If She Dies Tonight Part I: You're All Gonna Die"

When all we did was
Cry on the phone with
Each other and we
Would do whatever we could,

Everything seemed so,
So, so, so, so, so okay.
Because it was you and me
On that phone, on that line

We would talk, we would
Laugh we would just be
Together and it was you,
You, you, you, you and me.

But then you started to
Talk about the things
That I've never even seen
Never even heard from you before.

And being who I am the
Line cut into non-existence
And I lost you forever.
You started talking about

All the times you wished
You'd died all the days
That went by where you
Wished you were dead.

And then the line went out
And I couldn't get hold of you.

Well if I lose her tonight
Then you're all gonna die,
'Cause I'm just not alright
When you're not here to lie
Beside me right in sight!


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