Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 2
Rest While You Are Young

Rest while you are stilll young and frail.

Imagine the day when you yearn to tell this tale.

So clumsy and free, to be who you must be.

Now tormented in a dark, that of which you are alone.

To recolect the times of a youth you no longer own.

A glance back through time, where you sat on a bed,

Waiting for that sign.

As every blink sends the light ever darker,

You wait for that whisper that shall be your marker.

Death hath come so soon,

Never again shall we see another noon.

As our lights slowly fade,

And we take a final gasping breath,

We realize nothing is more sweeter,

Than this bitter, sour death.



You may think that just becaue life is hard, this is your only option. Death. But in reality, there are so many other choices. Hurting  yourself, or ending your life won't change what you are going through or went through. Being in that place many times has taught me that. Cutting won't make the memories dissapear. And killing yourself only makes the people that truly love you, hurt. They hurt because something they cared about so much, has left them, maybe without even a warning sign, or an explanation. Teens kill themselves often. You hear it in the news a handful of times a year. You see how many people are affected by it. Not just the people that new that person, but people who have never even heard of the kid until they are on the news.

Death is not the only escape to your problems. You just have to push through and a) except what is happening and do something about it, or b) forget it and try and move on. Everyone deals with problems in their lives. Since the 7th grade, i cut myself when my problems got too much to handle. At one point, closer to the beginning, i cut once a day. Over time, people found out, told on me, parents got called a few times, i had to go to therapy, but none of that worked becasue it wasnt on my time. In order to heal, you need to WANT to get better. You need to know that you need to get better. For yourself. Not anyone else but your own self.

So when your feeling like life isn't worht the pain, the tears, the drama, and the hurt, close your eyes, and go to a happy place. With the ocean waves hittinga beach softly. A small fire crackling in front of you. And stare at the stars, and picture a better life in them. The stars can paint a picture. You just have to believe in them. You will die one day, yes. But that day should come when you are 100 years old. Nothing should stop you from living a full life that you will one day be thankful to be apart of. You're worth every breath you take. No matter what people say or how they make you feel. I promise you that right now.


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