Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 1
Everything Has a reason

When life is just too much to handle, what do you turn to?

The cutting leaves scars.

The attempts to silence it all only leave pain and more bad memories.

Running away never takes you to a better place.

Crying only leaves you with a tear streaked face.

Drinking only causes you to do more stupid things.

Drugs only mess your life up even more than it already is.


What’s left to do?

Because sitting alone in your room imagining a better life, won’t make one magically appear.

Drinking yourself to death won’t make the end any better.

Cutting yourself in the bathtub till the water is red with your blood won’t make everything miraculously turn great.

Running will only get you lost in a world you know nothing about.


But then what DO you do?

When the pain of everything is too much to handle.

When you dream of nothing but being abused, beaten, raped, and tortured by the ones you once held dear to your heart.

When you try your hardest to not cry, but every night you fall asleep with tears running down your cheeks, soaking your pillow.

When every day those thought of ending it creep into your mind until you cant take it.

When every time you close your eyes you see that little child in the corner with their head between their legs, alone and crying.


What do you think when you’re so close to the end?

That all the scars were for nothing?

That all the nights sitting in bed crying until you finally fall asleep was all for nothing?

That all the shots and drinking didn’t help at all?

That the drugs only made things harder?

That running away never helped you, not one bit?



The scars show you’re human. That you have had a bad past with nowhere else to turn. They show how much pain you have had to deal with, and how much pain you have had to handle.

The crying shows your willingness to let your feelings out. Or it shows that letting the tears flow meant things would get better.

The drinking shows that you needed peace. That you needed to escape your problems and maybe get to a better place where you so longed wish to see one day.

The drugs were another getaway. Something to make you not care about what was going on with your life.

The running shows that you needed somewhere to go so you could have another chance at a better future.


You have to remember why you are doing these things. Why you feel like things are tearing you apart. And you have to change them. You have to fins someone or something to change for. You have to tell yourself, “My life will get better. I can make this change if I truly want it. I will succeed.”

Life is full of obstacles. All you have to do is find a way around them. It may not be easy, but you can do it.

“Life isn’t about your past or what you have done. Life is about the future and what you have learned from what you have done.” (Braylee B.)


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