A Tragedy
Author: *P.S.ILoveYou*

Chapter 4
~A Tragedy Chapter Four~


"Hurry, child. They're coming." Katherine's mother opened the cellar door, and pushed her in. She came in right after Katherine, and closed the door, latching it.

"Mother, it's too dark in here. I can't see where I'm going," Katherine whispered urgently, right before she ran into a wall, banging her knee against concrete.

"Stand still!" her mother hissed. "Listen."

They both went quiet, and faintly they could hear men talking to each other.

"Search everywhere, Tom. Who ever is here won't expect us, so we still have the element of surprise on our side," a man with a very deep voice said almost right next to the cellar door.

Katherine's breathing got quicker, and her heart beat faster, so fast that she was sure the men could hear it. Someone touched her shoulder, and she was about to scream before she realized it was her mother.

"If they come in here, you run through the tunnel. You run and never look back, got it?" her mother whispered in her ear.

"But, what about you Mother?"

"I'll be fine they won't hurt me, but I can't let them get you. I promised your father I would always protect you, and if I break that--" she was cut off by someone rattling the door.

"Hey, I need some help here. This door is locked," A man said, rattling the door over and over.

Katherine's mother pushed her, and she fell. The wood in the door started creaking obviously under strain, and all the while Katherine crawled around trying to find the tunnel, but her aching knees were slowing down. She ran into something and it fell on her head causing her to cry in pain.

"There's someone down there!" A man shouted. "Hard, men, push harder!"

Just as Katherine had recovered her senses from the pain and crawled into the tunnel, the door broke open with a BANG!

"Get 'em!" someone shouted.

Katherine crawled, and crawled, and crawled, noticing nothing--just trying to escape from the danger she was in. She heard her mother cry in pain, and she paused. She couldn't just leave her mother to face them alone, so she silently crawled back, squeezing the dirt between her fingers everytime she got closer.

"There is someone else down here," a man grunted to her mother. He had a big bushy gray moustache, and even though they weren't on her, Katherine could see how dark his eyes were. "A man wouldn't leave a woman to fend for herself." He rose his hand to strike her, and Katherine scrambled out of the tunnel and stood between the man and her mother. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, rubbing her cheek.

"Katherine, no! I told you to run!" her mother cried. "Why don't you ever listen?"

Katherine stood up. "I couldn't just leave you here, Mama."

"Well, now looky at what we go here boys," a boy with blonde hair said. He was obviously the youngest one there, for he didn't have a whisper of facial hair on his face. He walked around Katherine, a grin on his face the whole time. He whistled softly, and grabbed her face, turning it this way and that: almost as if he was analyzing it for faults. "I call this one, guys," he said grabbing her arm.

Katherine grabbed his wrist, twisted it, and pushed him back. "Do not ever touch me again," she spat.

"Oooo, a feisty one. I like that." He went to take a step towards her, but one of the other soldiers stopped him.

"Knock it off, Larry. It's been a long night, and I say it's time for us to leave."







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