Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 5
Falling In Reverse

When we get there, I refuse to get out of the car, like I was kicking and screaming when he tried to pull me out. Of course a junkie is (somehow) stronger than a teenage girl. Wait I was once one too, I guess they cancel out.

"Stand up, bitch!"

Tears were streaming down my face. I stand up before he pushes me hard againist the jeep, forcing my lips to invite his tongue down my throat. I push him hard enough, so there was a tiny gap between us. And that tiny gap, my friends, was enough. I kicked him where it hurts the most, and tried to get away from him.

He grabs my ankle, making me trip on the rocky trail. Nasty burises start to form while blood gushes from my knee and elbows. I try to stand up and run again but Iggy somehow manages to catch my arm and throw me to the ground.

"Iggy, what the hell's wrong with you?!" I scream in agony.

"You stupid bitch!"

"Are you taking crystal again?!" I hardly remember much after I said that.

Other words were said along with powerful kicks that met my stomach, but I soon fell into a peaceful slumber.

"Oh what did-"


"Does the bitch even have a pulse-"

I wake up from my slumber to find that it's morning. Memories from last night come rushing back into my thoughts. Iggy fucking left me at Razor's Edge, Dick.

I look down at my knee but it some how doesn't have the nasty scartch on it, and I don't have any burises anywhere else. Did I imagine it all? Maybe I had to many shots last night.

I walk home and take my time doing it. I normally would walk fast but today I'm not, maybe I'm being to lazy. I get around the corner from my house and run the rest of the way home. for some reason I'm running way faster than I have before. I bet my neighbors think I'm crazy, or something. I run up in my room and lay on my bed, not even realizing my brother was in there.

"Hm, I wonder where Rene was at last night."

"Oh I was at a party. No biggie though. " I say happily.

He gets up and walks away. Not responding to me. Okay...

I tired again, what the hell?

I start to comb out the knots in my black and blonde hair, that isn't looking it's prettiest today. Maybe I should call Johnny or something, ask him if he wants to hangout. Nah, I'll do it after I get a nap.

But the weird thing is, I can't fucking sleep. I look around my room looking for something to do, Aha! There it is, my guitar. I get old the bed and grab my guitar, and walk away. Funny thing is, it's not coming with me. It's still on it's stand. Maybe I am napping.

Well it's my dream, maybe I can control it. Hell I know can control it! What should I do? Wait don't answer that, I'm going to school. I walk out of my house, for some reason the dream feels too real.

It's only 11 in the morning so school should be in session. How did I know it was 11? Because once I enter the building all the clocks say it is. Oh right this is my dream so of course I get to change the time, god I'm such a ditz.

I run into a class and see Johnny and Iggy about as far away from each other as possible. They never did like each other, and hopefully never will.

"Hey Iggy, thanks for leaving me at Razor's you ass." I say as I walk past him.

I walk over to Johnny, the teacher is still teaching but I ignore him, so does everyone else. "Yo sorry I never texted you last night. And not getting in the car with you. Oh and yelling about your sluts, I guess every guy needs one sometime. I swear it was the drinks." Yeah, I know this is still a dream but dreams can be fun, can't they?

He looks around the room, looking alarmed. he mutters a 'what the hell' and I jump up and down, waving my hands in his face.

"Um, hello, right in fornt of you!"

"John, is there a problem?" Says Mr. Smartassteacher

"Not that I know of." he replies smoothly.

Why is no one talking to me, this is my dream, goddammit! Maybe I should make a distraction.

"Well since every-fucking-body wants to ignore me, I guess I'll have to cause some emotion." I slam into the book case hard, but I pass right through it. Landing on my ass. What the hell?

You know what is dream scene is boring maybe I should wake up. I blink really hard and open my eyes. Why am I still here? I pinch my arm hard but it doesn't even hurt. I even slap myself and walk out of the school and jump infornt of a car. But it still doesn't work!

What's wrong with me?


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