Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 15
Burn Baby Burn!

I woke up feeling both lightheaded and feeling this sharp pain that radiated against my skull. I knew†I was being held prisoner,†but†didn't know where. Ignoring the pain in my head, I opened my eyes and looked around.

†To my right,†the sharp smell of death and burnt flesh†hung the air. The room had a depressing and haunting†aura about it.†I tried to hold my breathe to keep myself from having to inhale the foul and disgusting stinch of whatever or should I say whoever might have died in this building.

Maybe this is all a dream and I have not a woken yet.; I am sure if I close my eyes then open†them that all of this will be gone and I will be back home safely in my bed. I did as I was thinking and closed my eyes; I waited for about two minutes before reopening them. This time I knew that I must have been here for more than a while because I saw sunlight spilling into the room through a small window.I slowly moved my arm only to have it being pulled back down by the weight of the shakles that went around the chair much like a snake constricting its prey.

There was little light so I wasn't able to see exactly where I was. The thoughts of all the horrible things that could be done to me were in the high thousands. Whoever these people were, they knew a great deal about imprisonment and keeping someone hostage; I just hope that they do not try anything along the lines of torture.

There was this feeling I had that maybe I wasn't the only one trapped in this foul and heart-wrenching place. No matter if there were other people in here I couldnt see them. I ferlt this cold trcikling feeling that crept along my skin ever so slowly causing me to get goose bumps.

A flash of light bursted into the room and with it came the sound of shattering glass. I felt someone behind me, their breathing rugged as they ripped the shackles apart. I got up and looked around to thank whoever it was but I only was able to see a pair of green eyes. With one look I knew who it was; my heart was going as fast as a hummingbirds wings as I hugged him.

He seemed shocked at the contact but he didn't push me away. He opened the door and I hid behing him fearing whatever may be lurking behing the now†opened door. He pulled me along with him as we walked through the†stone corridor†and I was hit with a huge beam of hot, bright light.

I squinted my eyes so that they may adjust to the changing enviorment. Me and him were outside approximately three hundred yards from the now burning building. I watched in a mixture of fear and curiosity as the flames engulfed the building and demolished it until there was nothing but the foggyness of thick dark grey smoke and ash.


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