Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 4
The End Of The World Party

Me: wen do u want to hang out

Igster: :] new youd text, how bout 2nite

Oh god! I'm digging this hole way to deep, I'm not gonna be able to get out!

Me: I guess, no drugs, i swear u bring any ill kick ur ass

Igster: perfect. xD

I start to shake, it's so real now, god dammit!

After sulking, I get dressed and wonder around the house which is quiet. It's 11 at night and I'm as ready as I'll ever be which isn't quite ready. Iggy texts me to say he is here. I come out and hop in his jeep.

I take everything in and realize he's changed. His black hair is still as messy as before but he seems happier. Pierce the Veil is blasting from his car. I turn it down and just stare out on to the road.

"Rain, you'll have to talk to me sometime." I swear I'm not going to fall for one of his tricks again.

"That's not the point, you got me addicted to shit that only made my life worse than it was."

"I didn't get you addicted, babe. I do remember you were all for it before. Just because you had some rough trips doesn't mean anything."

"That's where you're wrong. And by the way those 'rough' trips, were not rough, they were terrible. And I'm glad I had those or I wouldn't have seen all the time I was wasting with you!"

It's slient for a while, but he talks to me again. "Ya' know, I've been sorry ever since 'I' got you addicted to that shit. You just hung out with me during the wrong time, and wrong place."

I shurg and ask where he's taking me.

"Oh, we going to Daniel's party. Do you care."

I smile,"Nope, I've missed him too. I hate that you guys spend your days at school, it's so boring for me." Yes I hae major mood swings... What can ya' do?

Daniel is most deffinitley a school player. The first time I met him I fucking hated his guts, but now we're cool.

Iggy gets out of the car and comes around and opens my door like a gentleman. Do you see why I liked him? Nice, sweet, but the only thing that canceled those two things out was that he is a dick.

He puts his arm around me and we walk across the street. It reminds me of the old days when we were best friends. Too bad that it didn't last long.

Daniel opened the door and smiled a really goofy smile. "Hey y'all are finally here! Renee! Oh god I missed you." He ruffles my hair.

He shows us where the drinks and shit are and then heads downstairs. I spot Johnny and he looks over at me with a questioning look, then he sees Iggy and rolls his eyes. I feel hurt when I see tons of girls hanging on him, I think he notices, because he starts to flirt with them.

After a couple shots, I know I'm nowhere near sober. Tripping over my legs I try and find Iggy.John stops me. Not such a great timing for me.

"You okay?"

"Yesh, jus' peachy." I slur.

"You're drunk, Renee. I'm taking you home."

" Go back to your sluts, Johnny. Have fun, but I still love you." I push him away and look for Iggy.

I see him making out with a slut, and yank him by the ear. Damn, what's wrong with guys?

"Come on, I wanna' go home!" I try to whine over the music.

"Fuck no, I'm having fun."

"Take me the fuck home!" I scream, but not loud enough. I whisper in his ear,"Fine then I'll get Johnny to drive me."

I start to walk away but he catches my arm,"Fine, I'll give you a ride."

The car ride is silent, until I ask,"Hey, where are we going, cause' last I checked my house is not this way."

"Just calm down baby. We are going to Razor's Edge."

"Hah! Fuck to the no! I think I'm fine jumping out of this car than going there." By the way the car is like going 60 miles per hour, so.


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