Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 117
Bon Voyage

For that old sea dog, Mike Evans




Romantic when our ship leaves port

To Steam away with wake waves short.

Cut a swathe through serpent sea

Ship’s horn echo’s forlornly.

Bright flags snap from stanchions tight.

Prow held high by diesel might,

Forging forth through channel deep

To distant lands where cormorants sleep.


Clear the heads and cross the bar

The rolling swell a constant jar

Of big seas rising from portside,

Deep, dark water, savage tide.

Destination far away

Weather forecast’s bad today,

Excited light in Bosun’s eye,

He loves a storm but not so I.


Blackest night and howling gale

Lightening flashes silver pale

Cliff face waves are bearing in

To crash upon the deck like sin,

To pound the bridge with wild, white foam

To make me long for sweet, dry home.

Maelstrom battle through the night

Soaking wet and chilled with fright.

A grey dawn breaks and with it calm

Then desperate sleep in hammock’s balm.


Sailing through a long, green swell

Cold, clear air and sunshine quell

The fear of freezing death at sea,

Far from home’s familiarity.

Blue mutton birds skim the waves,

So easily they skim the waves,

Mile after mile without respite,

Those seabirds ply the ocean’s might.


A pristine night the sea flat calm,

Vibrating diesel felt through my arm,

A haunting moon hangs in the sky,

Reflected ribbon ripples fly.

It’s all so quiet and peace full here

The night’s quiescence cool and clear.

The vastness of a silver sea

In moonlight, mesmerizes me,

The brilliance of a million stars

Sprayed from Neptune out through Mars,

A velvet space of ink, black sky

The canvass for God's artist’s eye.


Seagulls in the air do tell

Of far horizon’s land I smell,

Another hour  of  steady steam

Will see us nearing England’s Queen.

London Bridge, the Mersey side

And with some luck we’ll strike the tide

To sail with grace into this port,

Our journey’s end, our battles fought.





Mangere Bridge

31March 2009


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