Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 3
The Iggster

I guess you're wondering, 'Who the hell is Iggy?', well lets put it this way, he was the one who got me addicted to drugs. And the one I thought I would marry someday.

Those thoughts all changed when he found out about my dad. He was being a total douche bag that night. He had gone days with out his drugs, so of course he was losing it. And he told me, he could never love a physco bitch like me. I slammed his car door and ran inside the house. For days he would call me and ring the door bell but I ignored him. After that we never spoke again. I'd see him at the lake but completely ignore him. He hated me, or so I thought, and I hate him, I always will. We could never look at each other the same way again.

And now after all that, he wants to be friends again? I don't think so. No way. Nope! Not ever. I wonder how Johnny feels about this, I highly doubt he'll tell me. He hates sharing feelings, but atleast he's a true friend. God, Ima' have to sleep this one off.


"Renee!" Agh, just one day I'd love to sleep in.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"Can you make some breakfast?"

"I can."

"Could you, like now?" He sighs angerliy.

I get up and wake up Keenan, "I'm making breakfast. If ya' want any, I suggest you wake up in 30 minutes."

He mutters an 'OK'' and goes back to sleep. I do my hair fast and put on some presentable clothes on. Don't worry, I'm in the batheroom. I walk downstairs and look in the fridge for something to make.

Agh, "Damnit dad! How am I suppose to make breakfast if we never have any food?"

"Here, buy some food for this house will ya'?" He hands me 200 dollars and waves me away.

Is he stealing money or something. I grab my Ipod off the table and walk out. Since I can't drive yet, I have to exercise these legs around the corner. Iggy lives near the store, which is why I hate going to the store. He's not outside or any where in view. I guess it's too early for him.

My phone goes off making me jump out of my skin. I totally forgot I had it. I look down at my sidkick, and see it's a message from Johnny.


JJth3j3tplan3: wats up 4 today

Me: suprise meh =]


And he will do so. By the time I get home, dad doesn't want anything but sleep. So I help him up the stairs.

"Thanks, Rainy."

Something is wrong with him today. I swear he even mutter a 'love you'. Hah! I must be going crazy too. Yep, that must be it. I smile stupidly until I walk up to the door.

"Hey, Renee, where you off to?" Keenan wonders.

"To go hang out with John-o, why?"

'' Just wondering, have fun!"

Okay, so we must have a gas leak in our house or something. Keenan is like, never polite!

"Johnny! 'Wassup?"

"If I could tell 'ya I would." He smiles but he seems sad.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Iggy." My face is probably so ghost like right now, but when isn't it.

"He knows you saw me." It wasn't a question but he answers anyway.

"Yeah. He made me tell him, well lie to him, I told him you forgave him." He puts his head down, '' He wants to hangout with you again, I told him over my dead body and he said that could be taken care of. What a prick."

"When does he want to hangout?" I don't want John in the middle of this.

"He wouldn't tell me. Iggy says you have his number so text him."

I nod my head but don't pull out my cell.

"Let's just do that thing I don't know about, 'kay?" I ask him to drop everything and drive.

There wasn't anything special planned, he tried to make me sign up for mic night but I didn't want to. Now I'm here, in bed thinking about two things. Texting him, or not texting him.

Monsters really suck. I'm more of the stubborn type. I like to face my fears. And if you dare me, I hope you sure as hell know Ima' do it. So why don't I give Iggy a nice text?


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