Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 2
Down To The Lake I Go

"Johnny!" Oh god, how much I've missed him.

He is my frist friend I've ever had , he's sweet and doesn't give a shit about anything. He's the one who got me away from drugs. He has blonde hair and a perfect tan compared to my pale skin.

"Where have you been?" He says as he gives me a hug.

"Taking care of dad and watching Keenan, you?" He's the only one who knows about my dad.

"Well I decided to go for a swim, I see that you're not though." He pouts noticing I don't have bathing suit on and he knows I'll soon break.

"Well, I kind of wanted some peace and quiet, but I guess I'll..."

"Hell yes!!!!!" He cuts me off.

"I don't have a bathing suit though."

"Hm. I drove my truck, so why don't we just drive to your house."

"I'll race ya'?"

"Well what does the winner win, exactly?" He asks, knowing he's gonna win.

"Hm, 'lemme think." He waits very immpaitiently,"Agh! You pick, I give."

"Winner gets a kiss." That doesn't suprise me at all. Johnny has always had a crush on me. But I love him, just not in the same way, or so I thought.

"Fine." I hide my guitar in a bush, And bolt up the trail. "Haha, who do you thinks gonna win now dick?!" He laughs and chases after me.

Of course I win and he leans in to kiss me, I dodge it quickly."Ah, ah, not so fast." I wag my finger back and forth. "We didn't reach our destination."

He drives fast, but I jump out of the car faster, than he can pull the keys out of the ignition. "Cheater!"

I run up the stairs and change, locking my door so Johnny won't get a peep show. You're probably thinking he's a perv, but he's not. We just mess around way too much.

I go downstairs wave to my dad again and leave. "How come you didn't come in?" I ask Johnny.

"I didn't know if it was ok."

"It's always ok, he's better now." My dad, he used to be crazy, I hated it when my friends, well friend, came over.

He shrugs his shoulder and starts the truck. Soon we walk down the trail again and I grab my guitar. He laughs and takes it away from me.

" I can't believe these drawings are still on here." He says referring to all the things on my guitar. When we were younger, I let everyone draw on my guitar with sharpies. Some of these things are very funny while others are just plain stupid.

"How could I get them off?" I laugh and shake my head, "It would take hours!"

We walk to the rope that hangs on a tree, "Hello rope, long time no see." when I was about 15 I ran and jumped on the rope, not knowing that the water was full of sharp rocks and tiny pieces of beer bottle glass, that left me scarred. My legs look terrible. Johnny feels bad every time he sees them, because he's the one who dared me to jump off there.

I start to strip of my clothes and I jump in the water, which was nice for a hot winter day."Jump in! The waters nice!" I scream to Johnny.

He smiles and jumps right beside me getting me all wet again. "Thanks."

He kisses me and backs away, with an evil smile. I shake my head and find a large rock to lay on.

I feel something brushing againist my legs. I look down and see Johnny tracing them."Does it hurt?"

''Nope, never did." I feel bad. He's so caring but- Oh fuck it I really don't know why I don't like him.

"You wouldn't have such an ugly scar, if I didn't dare you."

"John, shut the fuck up." I use his real name when he gets me pissed. He hates it.

"Sorry." I walk away from the rock and grab my guitar.

I play Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. He sliently sings along. It's our song, we claimed it when I learned how to play it.

"Hey what time is it?"

"Almost 6, you have to go?"

"Not yet, Do you want to go to the beach?"

"Hell yes! I have sand buckets in my truck lets go!"

"Is your truck like a fucking magic backpack, like Dora the Exporaler carries or what?" He laughs and runs up the trail.

He loves the beach, because of sand castles, I made him stop at my house so I could grab my camra.

We always go to the most deserted one, because I have a problem when I''m surrounded by unfamiliar people.

"Sand castle time!" Johnny screams and races to the water, as older people giving him a weird look.

"Hey! Come here real fast!"

"You have to catch me first."

"Damnnit, Johnny." I laugh as he falls, mouth full of sand.

He spits it out and asks what I want.

"Keenan might drop out for me." He stares at me.

"Does that mean you might come back to school?"

"Possibly." I smile.

"Dude that's amazing! I think I love your brother now."

"But then I'll have to home school him. And I hate it because he's always such a dick."

''But he loves you." Johnny says making me feel bad.

"I know. Come on, lets swim."

We fling wet sand at each other until I get it in my eyes and punch him. Then we take pictures of the sun set and lay down on the towels we brought. Listening to my Ipod. He soon drove me home, and said something that caught my attension.

"Ya' know, Iggy is sorry for all the shit that happened between you two. He wanted me to tell ya' that he's sorry."

I stop dead in my tracks, Iggy, Iggy. Holy shit! Should I talk to him again or what?

" I don't think you should talk to him Rainy." Says Johnny, calling me by my nickname.

I didn't know I was thinking aloud."Shit! What am I suppose to do, John?"

"Hell if I knew. How about, I'll tell him I haven't seen you, ok?"

"Yeah, see 'ya." I wave totally terrified that Iggy might visit me tonight.


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