A Tragedy
Author: *P.S.ILoveYou*

Chapter 3
~A Tragedy Chapter Three~


She couldn't believe she had kissed him. Out of all of those men she kissed him. Annabeth shook her head, and laughed. It wasn't funny, but laughing was all that she could do about it now.

She brushed her long golden hair. It had been a year since she left home, and what a long year it had been. President Lincoln had announced war against the Confederacy, and she couldn't think of what had happened to Mother and Katherine. Even though they were against what Annabeth believed, she still didn't want them dead. She had tried to send a letter to them and asked them if they wanted to come North, so they wouldn't get caught up in the mess down there. Several weeks had gone by, and she still had no answer. Either they had already left, or they didn't want to talk to her.

She sighed, and looked at herself in the mirror. In the past couple of months she had been through so much, but right now--with the war--it seemed like very little. She had come up North not just because she disliked the ways of the South, but because the man she had thought she had loved invited her to live with him. Through many fights and heart breaks--including her own--she finally packed her bags and headed for his house; to her surprise though, he was already living with a woman, and a very pretty woman at that. Annabeth wanted to burst into the house and demand what was that woman doing here, that this was her home and her husband-to-be. Instead she walked away from the house and swore to never ever leave home for a boy again unless he was fully committed.

She wrote to her mother and asked for forgiveness and that she was coming home. Unfourtunately, she arrived a day before the letter did, and her mothe was not pleased with Anna, so she had to go back to New York and try to find her own. Of course, at first it was very, very difficult at first, for Annabeth had no money and just the tarnished, pink ball gown she had worn to be reunited with her beloved, but through many blood, sweat, and tears she finally gathered enough money to buy an apartment.

Someone banging on the door pulled her out of her thoughts. "Anna, Anna!! Open up!!"

"Coming, coming. Hold your horses, Theodore." She set her brush down, and walked gracefully to the door--not even completely removing herself from the Southern lifestyle could remove how she held herself. Anna opened the door, and was immediatly pumbled over.

"Whoa, whoa! What do you think you're doing?" Annabeth exclaimed.

"Sorry, Anna; there's something I need to tell you, but I didn't want anyone else to hear." He looked up at her, almost sad in a way, but not completly empathetic.

Anna looked at him confused, and shut the door softly. "What is it, Theodore?" She could guess what it was about, but she didn't want to think about it.

"It's about your family. They've--" he cut off suddenly, after one look of her face.

"Go on," she said, fighting what was going on in her head.

"They've been kidnapped by a rouge group of troops."


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