A Tragedy
Author: *P.S.ILoveYou*

Chapter 1
~A Tragedy Chapter One~


Katherine twirled around her room, not caring that she was due to the party in twenty minutes. It wasn't everyday she could let her golden brown hair hit her shoulders, and could breath without constriction. She sat down on her bed, and thought about Peter. The way he had smiled at her last night made her heart flutter. If only Mother would let her talk to him, she was sure she could find a way to stay with him forever. She shook her head. It wasn't right to talk of such things. Not yet. Not when there was a war brewing, and Peter had to go so soon. The pounding on her door made all thoughts of that sort of thing dissapear.

"Katherine!! Are you ready yet, child?" A hard voice yelled through the door, echoing in the huge room.

"Mother! I don't want to go tonight. Besides, I don't even want to become a lady." She layed down on her bed, and looked at the ceiling.

Her mother burst in the room. "Katherine Rose Bernally, you are coming tonight and that's final. You're 16, young lady. You need to learn how to be a lady now." She walked over to the bed, and looked down at her daughter. She looks so much like her father, she thought.

"But, mother-"

"No. You're going and that is final."

Katherine sat up, her dark green eyes lit with anger. "If father were here he wouldn't make me go. It's not fair! Annabeth didn't have to go to these ridiculous parties!"

Her mother put her hands on her hips, a thing she only did when she was really angry. "Katherine Rose, don't you dare say that name in this house."

"She's your daughter!" Katherine exclaimed. "No matter what she says or does she is from our blood."

"She is no daughter of mine. She may have the same blood, but she isn't EVER allowed back into this family. Family is not blood it is loyalty. Remember that Katherine." Her face which was once full of hatred turned serene, and she brushed off her dress like she had just been covered with something nasty. "Now then. Come, Katherine. It's time you got dressed."

Relunctantly Katherine stood up and followed her mother to her closet full of clothes.

"Now, let's see," her mother said to herself. "This one will do." She pulled out a lonng dress with a full skirt that looked like pure gold. Diamonds where hand sown onto the skirt, and the top dipped low, but not low enough to be scandalizish.

"Mother! I don't want to stand out!" Katherine exclaimed. "It may be my birthday, but I don't want to be in the center of attention."

Her mother smiled. "It's your birth right to be the center of attention. Your father was one of the most famous of all the people in the Confederate States of America, and today is your day to shine as the new lady in the Bernally family."

Katherine sighed. "Okay, but only for you and father's memory." She took the dress for her mother and started to dress. She looked at herself in her mirror, smoothing down her dress. "I wish you were here father," she mumbled.

"Kathy, you look so beautiful! How could you not like to dress up? If I looked like you I wouldn't mind going to extravegent parties." Her mother grabbed her hands. "Now to put up your hair, and a little makeup, you'll look like a princess."

"But, Mother, I'm not you. I don't like dressing up or being a princess." She lifted her dress. "This isn't what I want. I don't like dancing the night away with men I do not even know." She sighed and sat down in a chair. "But since this is what you want, I'll do it one more time." She looked over at her mother. She was frozen. Looking out the window. "Mother?" She called to her. "Mother what are you doing?" She stood up and walked over to the window. "What are you-" Katherine gasped. "No. No, no, no, no, no!" Coming down the drive was the Yankee soldiers. They had been warned by many others to leave, but the soldiers said they had it under control and everyone could be at ease. No damn Yankees were gonna capture the Confederate states. Not while they were around. But they were wrong. So very very wrong.


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