Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 13
Wheres my superman when I need him?

I was trying to clear my head of the thoughts that now were racing through it. What if†the things that Raven said were true?, No they can't be†even if Crest was a vampire im pretty sure he would have told me. Wouldn't he?

†These things among many others clouded both my mind and my vision which made walking in a straight line almost impossible. To avoid something bad happening, I stayed close to the sidewalk as I slowly made my way to the library.

When I opened the door I felt a cold rush that crept along my arms and made me shiver. The location of the cold air was the brand new air-conditioner that the custodians of the library decided would make more people visit the library, but honestly who will take their time in a old library that became an industrial ghosttown.

I looked around the room searching for a empty place to sit and think. I found a desk at the far end of the library and got onto one of the computers and started searching...

I really didn't know what exactly to look for so I just started with the basics and typed "Vampire" into the search engine.†However I should have known what would have came up. All of it was based on that old Dracula and Twilight crap, none of it was any real help.There was even a website where you can upload any picture of a celebrity and make them look like a vampire. Some one made Justin Beiber into one and lets just say that they did a baaadd job. I mean he can't even sing so why put him in the same†category as Dracula and Vladimir Todd? Now those were vamps. After many minutes passed by I heard what seemed to be swear and I glanced over to the desk where a boy, almost my age, was sitting.

Why can't I find anything about this damn crest? I heard him shout at the computer but not before punching the desk. I heard a loud crack as the desk actually busted into many pieces. I†didn't believe what I just saw and I looked around to see if there were other†people who witnessed what he just done. Luckily everything seemed to start moving in my favor as two big surcurity guards appeared and ordered the young man to leave or he would go to prison.

After ten minutes†of them staring each other down, the boy turned and started to walk away. He looked at me and with what just happened†hours ago between me and Raven, I wasn't able to figure out who he was and why he was so†familiar. Even though I†may not have knwon him, he seemed to have known me pretty well as he flared his nostrils and his eyes were pure red with anger. ††


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