Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 3
Ten minutes before 10:00PM.




           I just stared as Lexi showed me a different dress every second. “Ethan? How about this one?” She asked, handing me a pink summer-like dress as she rummaged her closet in her underwear.

            I sighed in frustration. “Lexi baby, you look good in almost anything. If that Chris guy doesn’t think of you that way, he’s probably blind or stupid.” She pouted her lips and began doing her puppy eyes at me. “Argh, just put on anything that would pass on as a dress.” I groaned.

            For a moment I let my eyes roam her body as she continued looking for the perfect dress, as she would call it. For a 16year old girl, her body looked really great. Her proportions were great, from my view from the back, her ass was round and tight, and her curves were so sexy that you’d love running your fingers up and down on those fine sides.

When I got tired of torturing myself with my fantasies, I crashed against her pink bed. I closed my eyes, shutting down the images of her making out with another guy. Which is by the way I’m betting half of my ass is something I’d be witnessing a few minutes from now.

It was only now that I started regretting everything that I said last night, about allowing her to date a guy who-knows-who’s-fucked-who. Not that I have something against the same sex as me, it’s just that I don’t even trust myself around her, even though I love her and I respect her more than I respect my own dad, what more those guys whose brains are located just below their own penis.

            I wanted to pretend that I’ve fallen asleep, never to respond to her even if she’s shaking the hell out of me. But that was impossible—she jumped on top of me, the warmth of her inner thighs pressing on my sides. “I’m done! Come on!” She yelled.

            My heart started to race, and I wished that she’d stop being this close to me, or maybe she should do this more often and let me go further...

            I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Off we go to Claire’s.” I managed to say.


            Lexi arranged a double date, meaning me and her blonde best friend Claire, and my sister Lexi with her deep-shit boyfriend-to-be Chris.”

             I must admit that Claire is one hell of a hot girl. But to me she was just another girl who got fucked and dumped by the school’s football team. Sure she was Lexi’s best friend, but she stands a mile long distance from where my sister is.

            “Let’s go upstairs, Ethan.” Claire beckoned with her slender fingers and flirty eyes.

            We haven’t even mingled with all the other people in her party, and she was already itching to single me out in her bedroom. I can’t imagine Lexi doing the same stuff as she does.

            “I heard that you’re very protective about Lexi, so we’ll be in the same room as them.” Claire grinned as she grabbed me by my colar with her fierce stare, breathing on my lips.

            I followed her, my eyes still pinned on Chris’ hands as they walked alongside us. I didn’t want him to touch Lexi on any base at their first date—which is by the way isn’t a formal date, what an ass.

            As expected too, Chris was a soccer player. Another jock that makes a roundabout on the cheerleading squad.

            Claire’s room was a lot different than Lexi’s barbie-ish and doll like furnish. It was modern and—dark. Only one corner of the room was lit with a dim lamp. Everything was set for making out without even seeing each others’ faces as we do it. Bottles of beer were also on either side of the room—for Claire and me, for Lexi and Chris.

            I sat on the beanbag in the corner of the room, waited for Claire to remove the bottle cap on my beer. Just a few seconds after that, she started talking about stuff I didn’t even care to listen to. I was concentrating on the view on the corners of my eyes—Lexi and Chris were just talking to each other, but I can see that both were getting tipsy already.

            I myself felt dizzy too, I had about eight bottles of beer. Claire barely consumed two bottles, but she was already making her move on me.

            I couldn’t have Lexi this way, and she was already one step ahead of me. If this Chris guy was okay for her, I’d be suddenly out of the picture. I’d no longer be her driver to anywhere in the city, I’d be left at home wondering where she was while I’m doing my homework.

            If this double date was something Lexi wanted me to do, so I could get on with my life without having to worry about her, maybe I shouldn’t waste it.

            I slid my hands under Claire’s skirt, letting the warmth of my hand crawl under her skin. A soft moan escaped her full red lips, her eyes inviting me to come closer.

            Sure, she wasn’t a virgin. Even the most stupid guy wouldn’t miss that fact. These kinds of girls wouldn’t go for the slow mo type; they’d want the aggressive ones—hitting them directly on the right spot without further ado. I closed my eyes, trying to forget Lexi’s beautiful face even for a minute. I leaned down to kiss Claire, letting her snatch the bottle of beer off of my hand so I could tug her breasts with both my hands.

            She smelled strongly of beer and make up, but not that I could be choosy at this point. She was a great kisser, with tongue flicks as delicate as of a cat’s, and lust burning at 180 degree Celsius.  

            But before I could even start getting on with Claire, I got hit with a huge pillow big time.

            “Whoa!” I gasped. Claire’s face looked a lot more surprised than I am.

            “M-mom told me that we had to be home before ten!” Lexi yelled at me, her face was flustered—she looked angry.

            By the way she looked at me; she was probably going to drag me out of here like a pre-school stroller bag if I don’t get up immediately. “Oh yeah,” I lied, looking at my watch; it was just ten minutes before 10:00. “Mom did tell me that, sorry Lexi I forgot. Claire we have to go.”



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