Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 2
There's this guy...





“Ethan?” She called out in a soft voice outside my bedroom door. It was hours after dinner, and that girl outside my door should be getting on with her homework or whatever school related thing that she needs to do. But whatever, it’s not like my sister fails.

            “Come in Lexi.” I said as I grabbed a pen to use as a bookmark for my Calculus book. I was so used to her coming over in my room at this late hour that I almost wanted to give her my spare key. “What’s wrong baby?”

            “Nothin’.” She smiled as she fiddled with the hem of her night gown, she looked a little tense for someone whose self-esteem is higher than the Eifel Tower itself.

            I slammed my back against my bed and said, “C’mere.” Lexi slunk her way beside me, she was so close that I could smell the sweet scent of honey and sugar in her hair. She loved Victoria’s Secret body wash, as much as I loved smelling it on her.

            She wasn’t speaking—and with that I just wanted to grab her and kiss her, to feel her soft skin against mine, to make love with her all night. This was one of those moments when I wanted to yell at her to get out of my room so I’d stop fantasizing about her like this. “Then why so silent?” I whispered in her ear as I wrapped my arms around her, too close that I could hear her heart pounding with that unknown nervousness. This was the closest to kissing that I could do with her, and it was quite unbearable—knowing that we’re alone in my room while my parents were dead asleep.

            “Uhm...” She was playing with the little ribbon on her dress, and I could almost see what’s beyond... I grabbed her hand to make her stop. “There’s this guy...”

            I felt my chest tighten on her first sentence. “What about this guy?”

            “He... Likes me, and I kind of wanted to try, see if he’s okay.”

            I wasn’t going to get in the way of my sister’s happiness, so I said something that I could regret for the rest of my life. “Then go see if he’s okay.”

            Her face lit up, the unusual tense in her face gone like it wasn’t even there a few seconds ago. “Really?”

            I tried to smile in the most convincing way that I could manage. “Uh, yeah. But if... He turns out to be not okay, I’ll take all the chances of planting my fist on his face.”



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