Tears & Heartbreak
Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 13

 I went up to Xander's room not long after him. I was texting Jazz telling him to leave me alone, but Xander didn't know that. I sat on the bed beside him. "Hi, baby," I said, smiling.

"Hi," He replied, sharply. Ouch.

"You okay?" I lay down and tried to snuggle up with him. He turned his back on me.

"I'm fine," He said. I put my hands on his shoulders.

"Hey, you're freezing. And it is pretty cold. How's about a cuddle to warm up?" I suggested.

"Why don't you go talk to Jazzy? Maybe he can keep you warm," Xander said, sourly. I sighed.

"Babe, don't be like this," I said.

"I'm not being like anything, Axel," Xander said. "My boyfriend slept with someone else. I think I'm entitled to be a bit mad at him."

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," I said. "Please, sweetheart. I love you. And only you."

"Yeah, well you've got a funny way of showing it," He snapped. I sighed. He turned to face me. "I didn't mean that, babe. I love you too, it's just that..."

"I know, sorry," I said. He smiled at me.

"The offer for that cuddle still open?"

"Sure is," I said, putting my arms around him. He put his around me too.

"I do love you, honey. You know that, don't you?" He whispered, his breath warm and tickly on my ear.

"Of course I know that, stupid. I love you too," I replied.

Then I fell asleep.


The darkness was suffocating. It surrounded me so that I couldn't see more than a couple of centimetres in front of my face. Wait, was I lying down on standing up? Lying, I think. I tried to sit but I banged my head on something above me. Something hard. I raised my arms and felt it with my hands. It was cool and smooth. Wood. Why was there wood above my head? I stroked the area around me with my fingers. Something soft surrounded me, some kind of fabric. Silk or satin. I wasn't wearing my glasses, but I didn't have my contacts in either. I felt downwards. I was wearing my best shirt and my favourite jeans. What the...Wood? Silk? Oh my God. I was in a coffin. Why the hell was I in a coffin? I wasn't dead. Was I? I tried screaming but nobody seemed to hear me. I could hear sobbing. "I love you, babe," Xander's voice whispered. "I love you so much."

"Xander?" I yelled. "Baby, I love you too. Get me out of this thing..."

"Oh my God," Jazz was speaking now. "He was the best friend I ever had. He was the only person who was nice to me around here."

"Shush, now," Xander said, soothingly. "We'll all miss him. But we'll get through this together, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, of course," Jazz sniffed. "I love you, Axel." I heard what sounded like him kissing the coffin.

"And I love you as well, baby," Xander did the same. "I will for the rest of my life. Forever and always. You're the only guy for me, ever." I felt tears brimming in my eyes and tried one last scream though I knew it was pointless...

I woke with a start from the nightmare. Xander was watching me dubiously. "Are you okay, babe?" He said. "You were kind of screaming."

"Yeah, bad dream," I said, falling against him.

"What about?" He kissed my hair and put his arms around me. I explained it to him carefully. He wrinkled his nose. "Oh, Lord. Well, you go back to sleep. You won't have a bad dream again, I promise."

And he was right.


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