Shady's Shadow *Finished*
Author: NikkiSaysRawr ;D

Chapter 1
Home Schooled, What More Could I Ask For?

Strumming on my guitar, and hearing my brother fight with my dad at the same time, isn't peaceful at all believe me. I've been listening to it for five fucking years. Dad thinks Keenan doesn't ever do anything to help us out but the thing is, dad is losing his mind. Bit by bit everyday. He sometimes gets me and Kennan mixed up. We don't even look the same.

My name is Renee Lynn Annabell, I hate that my mother gave me a long name like this, guess I'm lucky I don't have to write it all the time. I'm home schooled by my brother. He goes to school and just reteaches what he learns, well sometimes.

Dad makes me stay home and take care of him. I never believed in that bad luck shit, but if you do, then I guess you could say it's happening to me. I used to be nice to everyone, when I actually went to school, but I soon had to drop out because of my dad. And being nice to people dropped soon after.

My brother was gonna' drop out but I told him I would. I was never bad in school, it was more of outside of school. I did drugs, don't worry I stopped, and it some how got around to one of my teachers. I then decided school wasn't for me. Dad signed the papers and I was free. Or so I thought.

Keenan stomps upstairs and comes in my room, "Goddamn old man! Now I know why mom left us." We actually share a room but he's never home so normally I claim it.

I never told my brother why mom really left 'cause I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I over heard her and dad talking, She said it wasn't him she didn't like, it was us. She said she hated sharing him with us, she was the jealous type but that's not such a bad trait when you also have it.

"Hey are you even listening to me?" Keenan interrupts my train of thought.

"Not really."




I make a hurt face and ignore him for a minute or so until he starts reading one of my poems out loud.

You made me

Be the person I am today.

But now you dont want anything to do with me,

Maybe im not the perfect child in our family,

But it doesnt mean I'm not the same.

Maybe I like different.

I know you do,

You always change things,

Or get mad if someone else does it for you.

So leave my changing to


and maybe someday I'll be the person

you want me to be.

"Stop it!" I hate it when he reads my poems, scratch that, when anyone reads my poems. He smiles and hands it back to me.

"God, Mr. T would love you if you went to our school." He starts to walk out."He's my Language Arts teacher, by the way."

I don't just stay home all day if that's what you're wondering. I like to take my guitar and myself down to the park and lake. At the park, it's not always peaceful, but the lake is mostly always peaceful. Well except for the teenagers around my age that go down there.

They get high and do dumb shit, like I use too, I swear they are not the same age as me, they seem like kids with too much candy. Which is true, they're like a year older, not much of a difference to me. Keenan likes to hang out with them but he always promises not to do drugs. I make him, promise that is.

After all this talk about the park, I think I want to go there. Dad's talking on the phone, and I wave sliently and walk out the door, grabbing my Ipod.

One day I plan to go to Full Sail University in Florida. It's a music college, I want to go for management, and the business. I understand that there's a one in a millionth chance that my 'future' band will ever get famous, if I get a band. But I don't care. I have fights constantly with my father. My uncle went there but he's a 'nobody' according to my dad. Keenan doesn't want me to go to Full Sail but he knows what I like, so he won't interfear.

My mom never once noticed me, if she did it was normally that my chore wasn't done, it's hard to face realality, especially when you don't want too. I have black hair, with blonde underneath. I'm 17 years old and all I need to live is my guitar, oh and my brother. I have a part time job at Hot Topic, it's pretty sweet since I shop there most of the time. Fun fact about me, I have a tattoo on my right hand. It's an outline of a star. On my 16th brithday my mom let me get one, It hurt like crazy. And if your a creep, and wondering where I live, I'll tell you. Califorenia. I fucking hate hot weather. All said and done.

The park is just around the corner. I love it there. All the shade is perfect. I bet Keenan is at home right now, hiding in the basement with his xbox. I swear all guys are in love with those things.

Agh. Those evil little tormenters are there. The tormenters are the kids that live there, not really, I swear everytime I want some peace they're here.

"Ew! It's Renee." One of the blonde twits say.

I ignore them and keep my guitar safely tucked safely in between my arm and side. I go down the trail and walk for a little bit. Most kids don't come down here because the trail is too long and they can get lost.

It's around christmas time, I've been asking for my electric guitar for years, hopefully I get it this year.

I hear someone calling my name. And as I turn around I see a familiar face.


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