Music Saves My Soul
Author: Kalentra Night

Chapter 17
The Broken One

My names unimportant. I live just because it is impossible for me to die. I am alone. I am trapped.

Someone locked me here. While someone else commands me, lives as me.

It sucks, but its been going on and I've gotten used to it. But I wish for death.

I am terrified. It is dark here, where I stand. They have left me with nothing.

My body walks around, commanded by another. I wish I had control.

I am going to die here, cold and alone, if I ever die at all. If I can have that at all.

There are no stars. The moon is gone. It is just dark. I must be in a cave. Locked up.

When will rescue come? Never. No one knows I'm here. I don't exist anymore.

Who will come for me? Who will save me? Who will die for me? No one.

As locked up inside as I am physically. What will happen if I am forever gone?

Will anyone notice my absence? Will they kill the one that commands my body?

No. She is too perfect. You can not kill perfection. But she must die. I must kill her.

No, I can't. They had warned me that if she is killed, I will die too. But I want to.

I want to die. So bad. They come sometimes, tempting me. They murder.

They bring sacrifices, they kill them. How badly I want to be killed. My world is gone.

I can't keep living. Not here. If there was only a way to take command once again.

I need to take my command back. I will not be locked up any longer!! But, it is impossible.

Once locked out of ones body they lose all control. Why is she so perfect? Why?

Because she was supposed to be a better me. What is so wrong with the real me?

I guess a lot of things. My death wish is only natural, but there are other things.

I've killed. Not physically, of course. I've taken things that weren't mine. I've lied. I've cheated.

I've been human. She is no human. I am surprised they do not see it. She is demon.

If only someday they would burn her. Take her down, slit her throat. Then I'd die.

Then I'd be happy. But for now I am just here alone, trapped. Cold. Lost.

I am the broken one.


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