Tears & Heartbreak
Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 3

 Xander walked me home. I know it's cliche, but we'd gone for a walk on the beach together. I was kinda wet since Xander thought it would be funny to splash sea water over me. I was being kinda moody with him for it, but I felt bad for it. When we got to the gate outside our flats I smiled at him. "Come in for a bit?"

"Sure," He replied. "So you've forgiven me then?"

"Not entirely. But you can make up for it," I kissed his neck gently.

"Saucy bastard," He laughed, giving me a squeeze. "Will Tate not be in?"

"He heard us last time," I shrugged. "He didn't seem to mind."

"What?! He heard us?" Xander looked mortified. I laughed and kissed him on the nose.

"You're so cute, babe. We don't have to make love if you're nervous about Tate hearing," I said, giving him a hug. "We could just have a kiss and a cuddle on the bed. That's always fun, right?"

"Right," He gave me a hug back and we went inside.



There was a new kid in our class on Monday. He stood at the front , leaning against the wall, studying the ceiling, looking totally bored. He had black hair that fell over the left hand side of his face. His eyes were a muddy green-brown, his skin porcelain white and his beestung mouth peirced with snakebites. He had a black sweatband on one wrist and a fistful of Gothic silver rings on each hand. There was only one word to describe him. "Wow." Hillary said, as we sat at the back of the room. "Emo, much?"

Mr Lloyd, our teacher, walked into the room. He studied the kid at the front of the room. "Hello. You must be my new boy, eh?"

"So what if I am?" The kid said. His voice was silky smooth and cool. Mr Lloyd laughed.

"Yeah, so what if you are?" He said. Mr L was cool like that. He took what anyone had to give him, and dished out just as bad as he got. "So. D'you have a name?"

"Yeah," The kid shrugged, raising one shoulder moodily.

"And what might it be?"

"It might be Moses," He said. "But it's not."

"Right, then. Well, unless you want to be called Not-Moses for the rest of your life, I suggest you tell the class your name," Mr Lloyd smiled at the kid sarcastically.

"Jasper Beecham," He sighed. "Happy?"

"Yes, I am," Mr Lloyd laughed. "Right, Jasper. You sit next to... Robin McAvoy. Robin, raise your hand." And with that, Robin stuck his hand in the air.

I decided that didn't like this Jasper kid.


We all sat round at breaktime, on our usual table in the hall. "So, what's he like then?" Xander asked.

"Who?" Robin wrinkled his nose.

"The new kid. Jasper," Xander prompted, poking Robin in the chest lightly. Robin shrugged.

"Dunno. He didn't really say much. Smells nice, though," He said. We all giggled.

"He seemed like a prick to me," I said, shrugging.

"Mm. Total Emo," Hillary agreed.

"Prick? Emo? Wouldn't be talking about me, now, would we?" A voice beside the table said.

We all turned to face Jasper. He laughed. "God, guys, don't be too excited to see me," He said. "Listen, I hate to admit it, but I need somebody to hang out with. Can I sit with you guys?" He had an almost desperate flicker in his eyes and no one had the heart to turn him down. He sat beside me and dumped his bag on the floor underneath the table. He peered at me.

"Are you Josh Smith's son?" He asked.

"Er... yeah. Axel," I replied. "Why?"

"He's a mate of my dad's," Jasper shrugged. "You look like him, that's all."

"Oh, cheers!" I replied sarcastically. He laughed. Xander hooked his arm around me.

"Gorgeous, though, isn't he?" He said. He kissed me on the cheek. "I love you."

"Are you two like... together?" He asked. Xander smiled at him.

"Yeah. Xander Right," He held out his hand and Jasper shook it.

"You two are dead cute," Was it just me or was there a diappointed look in his eyes?


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