Dreaming of Angels
Author: Nina Black

Chapter 1
With Out Him

“Would you catch me if I fell?” I questioned Noah as I balanced on the tall fence. “Don’t I always?”  Replied Noah as he took my hand. I jumped from the fence to the ground and smirked. “You’re always worrying about me…” I whispered as I released his hand. He looked over to me and smiled. “More like saving your life.” Said Noah as he smiled wide at me. “Don’t forget we’re having movie night tonight…” I reminded Noah as I walked up the stairs to my house. “Of course.” Said Noah as he dashed over to his house swiftly before stopping me mid way up the stairs. “For you.” Yelled Noah as he threw me a box of candy. I caught it and smiled as I looked down to the box of candy hearts. My favorite. “Thanks!” I yelled back as I popped a few of the hearts in my mouth.

This movie was scarier than I anticipated. I thought as I curled up under my blanket and pillows hoping somehow they could protect me from the terrifying killer in the movie. I squealed as the killer killed another person. “You are such a wimp.” Teased Noah he smiled over at me. “That was scary!” I said defending myself as I clutched on tighter to the pillow. I heard the garage door open and my parents walked in. “Hey Faith, Noah whatcha watching?” Asked my dad as he sat on the couch next to me. “Nightmare on Elms Street.” I said as I snuggled into my dad’s shoulder. He smiled down at me then over to Noah and closed his eyes briefly. “Dad maybe you should go to sleep.” I suggested as I grinned. “Alright, well no funny business Noah but what am I saying? I know you won’t try anything it just my crazy little daughter I’m  worried about.” Teased dad as he took up from the couch. “I want Noah at home by eleven.” Instructed dad as he kissed me on the forehead and left upstairs. “Your parents are so chill they don’t freak over little things like my parents.” “Oh believe me they do…” I mumbled as I wrapped the blanket around me tighter.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but when I awoke Noah was still there his eyes were closed but I could tell that he was still awake. I had always wondered…. What made my best friend so amazing? Maybe it was his timid but protecting nature… Or perhaps his ability to always say the right words. Or could it be those gorgeous dark brown eyes..? I had always thought he was cute but I would never see him as more as a friend. “Noah?” I whispered quietly as my head inched towards his. No response. I smiled and slowly brought my lips to his. As soon as our lips touched there was something like a shock. I pulled away eyes widened. I had never felt anything like that before… I quickly stood up and went to the kitchen grabbing a glass of water. “You okay?” Asked Noah as he too stood up from the couch. “Fine.” I said as I plastered a fake smile across my face.

            It was the next day and Noah had called me saying we needed to talk. Was it about me kissing him? I was just curious and I hope this wouldn’t ruin our friendship. When Noah arrived he had me sit down on the couch and he smiled nervously. Oh jeez this was about the kiss!  But then he said something that shocked me. “I love you… Not like a friend and defiantly not like a sister. I want you to be mine.  I sat in agape as I tried to contemplate the information that was just presented to me. Love? I thought love was a mutual feeling that both people at the end of the spectrum feel. Not an awkward word that spills out your best friend mouth. I sighed as I stood up from the couch and began to walk out of the house. “So you’re just leaving?” He asked as he followed after me. “I just need time to think about this!” I hissed as I pushed him away from me and began walking down the street. “Do you love me?” I heard Noah call after me. “You know I love you.” I said as I sighed and continued to walk down the sidewalk. I felt a cold hand grab mine, “Do you love me?” He repeated this time slower. After a few moments of standing there he dropped my hand and walked back towards the house. I knew as he walked away from me I was losing every ounce of being his friend. “I love you!” I cried out as I ran after him. “Do you love me like a brother… or your best friend… or maybe like how you love a pet?!” He hollered his fists clenched. “I-.” “You have no idea what it feels like to love someone that it’s literally painful to know they’re not yours. And you have no idea what it’s like to know that person will never feel the same way…” He spat as he walked away from me walking back into his house.

I had been trying to visit and call Noah for days but there seemed to be no hope of finding him. Finally I worked up the nerve to go to his house and talk to him face to face. I was surprised when Noah’s mom greeted me with a smile and a hug instead of a “You broke my son’s heart never come back here.” I quickly asked if I could go see him. She agreed but warned me that he had been angry for the last few days. I thanked her as I sprinted up the stairs and knocked on his door. I heard footsteps then the door opened and Noah’s bright and smiling face dropped. “What do you need?” He said kindly despite his answer and sadness he was overflowing with. “Feels like I lost my only friend.” I whispered as I took a step towards him. He stood back and frowned. “You know at one time I actually thought you’d love me. Crazy I know…. I mean I know I’m okay looking but I also know I’m everything that you need to survive.” “Wait so you’re saying I need you to survive?!” I retorted irritated by his statement.  “You betray yourself…. You basically take the knifes of hurt and wrong and hand them to the person just so they can stab them into your back. I wanted to help you never feel that pain… never have to take out the knifes yourself.” Sighed Noah as he walked around his room. “So you’re giving up on me?” I croaked as I tried once again to get close to him. “ You never gave me a chance... Even though I gave you so many. I need you to leave.” Quietly added Noah as he turned away. “I saw the perfection of God’s creation when I saw you. But the imperfections of man’s world when growing to love you. I knew that saving the life of an imperfect angel is better than watching that angel fall. I chose you because I knew I could mend that broken wing and let you live again. I chose you because that imperfect angel was perfection in my eyes and that perfection would conquer the damages of my twisted life. I dreamt of her but it took me so long to realize it was always you. Please leave.” He whispered as I walked over to his bed avoiding eye contact with me. I too tried to avoid his pain filled eyes and through my teary eyes I whispered sorry and ran out of his room.


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