Loving You
Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 16

 The last week of school went by faster than I expected. I had Xander's arms around me in the alleyway at the end of the last day. He kissed me. "I've gotta go now, Stevie'll be here any minute," He said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you," I smiled and hugged him, then watched him walking away. God, he was so sexy.


Jeez, Xander wasn't joking when he said he wasn't good at waking up. We picked him up at three in the afternoon as I'd told him. He came and met me at the door, his dark blonde hair sticking up, sleep in his eyes, old baggy jeans, crumpled grey tee-shirt and no shoes on, just navy blue socks. "Sorry," He smiled apologetically at me. "I look a mess."

"You look fine," I said. What I really meant was you look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, you sexy beast... I think he got the hint. "Stick some shoes on and come to the car."

"One minute, then," He said, giving me a quick hug. He sneaked in a kiss on the cheek, but it was barely noticable. "Stevie! I'm going," He called. Stevie appeared behind him.

"You behave yourself," She hugged him. "I love you, mate."

"You too," He kissed her on the cheek, shoved his shoes on then smiled at me. "C'mon, loser. Let's get this show on the road." And he let me lead him to the car.

It was a good seven-hour drive to Uncle Andy's. I must've fell asleep; I woke with a jolt when the car stopped, with the car rug wrapped around me and Xander's jacket screwed up and shoved behind my head like a pillow. "You okay, Axel?" He whispered, smiling at me. I smiled back and nodded. "You sure?"

"Yeah, positive. Why'd you let me fall asleep?" I asked, stretching.

"Because, you seemed tired," Xander shrugged. "Hey, you sure you're okay? You still look exhausted."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," I said, getting out of the car. The cold fresh air hit me like a brick wall. Suddenly, I wasn't sure if I was wide awake or exhausted. The bright floodlights of the hotel car park were dazzling. Xander saw me blinking, trying to get my eyes to adjust to the light. He laughed. He was helping Dad get all the bags out of the boot. I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder, following Mum and Dad into the hotel foyer with Xander at my side. Mum talked to the receptionist for a couple of minutes, before getting the two keys. She gave Xander some form of directions which I was too tired to understand, and he steered me to the room.

He sat me down on the edge of one of the beds and stroked my hair. "Tired?" He said, kissing my head.

"Mm," I yawned and stretched. I sighed. "I don't even know if I can be bothered getiing my pyjamas out..."

"Just take your jeans off then. It's what I normally do," He shrugged. I did as he suggested and lay down. He turned to lie on the other bed but I touched his arm. "Lie with me? Just for a bit?"

"Sure thing, sweetie," He smiled and lay down beside me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I was slightly lower down on the bed than him, so my head was resting on his chest. I didn't care. I was comfortable and cuddled up with the most special guy in the world.

I don't think I've ever felt happier.


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