Dear God, Help Me
Author: Neil Evans

Chapter 26
Love's Crazy Rant

With the smooth movements,
Holding a quill and a gun.
I was happy with you
Why can't you see that?
With every word I shout
I review our life again.
Why is it so hard to see
That I still need you?
And, still, I wish I could
Fuck you one last time.
Is that wrong of me?
Well I might be nothing
But I'm still everything!
Don't you run from me;
I wasn't finished yet,
You still want to tell
Everyone I'm the whore.
But I never really lied.
Well, sweetheart, what do you
Have left to say to me?
Because if these walls
Could speak I'm sure
They'd agree with me.
Yes, I believe I changed you.
I'm happy to say that
Now you can't trust.
And I'm so sorry that
You won't trust anyone
But that's not my fault.
Oh, yes, I've changed you.
And you know what's
Seemingly stranger?
You changed me, too!

But I guess you
Still think that
I'm the liar.
No surprises there
But still I do not fear.
I'm so used to this
In this place with
The walls listening in,
On everything I say.
Sadly I let my ego
Get the best of me.
And I couldn't admit,
I couldn't stop myself.
And when you called me
Those awful names
Something bit into me.
Like the bristles of
Your fifteenth birthday.

Do you really think
You're that important?
That everything we do
Is a conspiracy,
We're against you!
Yes, we just think
About you so much
That we were
Just moving on
To hurt you again.

This is my gift
From me, for you
Another love note
Of a different tone.
How does it feel
To be the real
Fake in this story?
I want to fuck you
I want you to hurt.
Well, it's over.

I just
Forget all
The lies,
We made to
Each other?

I only
Decide whether
You are that
Important or not.
Let's not lie
We loved each other!

Don't you
Have another
Lie to tell?
Truth so
By your
I'm so
Over you
As odd
And obsessive
As I
Seem to
Sound to
This note
Is to tell
You I don't
Hate you but
I can't see
With you
On my mind!

I'm so
Tired of you
Can't you go?

I went wrong
But you were the
One who cheated me!


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