Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 8
Where's Your Roomate?

That day in cheer the girls were just going to stretch. Kelly told them that they would need to stretch as often as possible.

“Cheerleading involves a lot flexible movements” Kelly said “and we will be learning how to do different flips once I pick the squad”. That made shivers go down Alexis’s back. She didn’t know she was going to have to do flips, well if she made the squad she would. Vidia and her had been inseparable the whole cheer practice. They would stretch while talking and giggling. They didn’t really talk to anyone else besides each other.

        “I just can not wait till Friday” Vidia said to Alexis in a high, exited voice.

 “I can because after we tryout we have to wait till Monday to see if we make the squad” Alexis said nervously.

“That’s the best part, its so exiting” Vidia said jumping up and down while clapping her hands. Ok so maybe Alexis was exited a little bit, but she was more nervous then she’d been in a long time. The last time she’d been this nervous was when her cat Lilly ran away when she was nine. Lilly had came back two days later.

“Ok lady’s I’m so sorry to tell you but our times up” Kelly said with a small frown. Vidia and Alexis gathered there stuff and headed for there dorm. Alexis stopped by her room really quick to find it empty. Harper was probably somewhere doing something with Lindsey. Alexis was still kind of sad about how there were leaving her out but as long as she had someone she was fine. Then she went to Vidia’s room. The only person in the room was Vidia.

“Where’s your roommate”? Alexis said as she closed the door to the room.

“I don’t have one, there are an odd number of girls in our dorm so I’m the only one without a roommate” Vidia said sitting on her bed. Alexis felt bad for her, having to be alone and no one to talk to on late nights when you couldn’t go to sleep.

“Don’t you get lonely”? Alexis said looking at the whole room that only looked half filled.

“Yeah it gets lonely a lot of the time, but what can you do” Vidia said shrugging.

“Well if you ever get lonely or have a problem or anything just come knock on my door, I’m here for you” Alexis said with a smile. Vidia smiled and thanked Alexis. Then they got started on there homework.

When they were done with there homework they started talking.

“Uh, I hope that we get on the squad” Alexis said.

“You know Kelly can only pick fifteen of us to be on the squad. Sometimes she doesn’t even pick that many” Vidia said.

“Really?” Alexis said looking puzzled, man there were about thirty-five girls that were trying out for the squad and less then half would make it.

“Yep, and if we do make the squad I cannot wait to pick the person who gets to be the mascot, the cheerleaders get to pick every year. That sounds fun huh”? Vidia said excitedly.

“Yeah, wait how do you know all of this”? Alexis said questionable.

“My big sister use to go here, she was a cheerleader and she gave me the scoop, she was so good and I want to be as good as her” Vidia said.

“Lucky” Alexis said. Everyone’s siblings had gone to the school or everyone had known each other. Except for Alexis, she was just the new girl that didn’t know anything. The one that in the movies the mean girls told her that there was a swimming pool on the 4th floor. When there’s no swimming pool at all, or a 4th floor for that matter.

They hung out for a while longer then said there goodbyes and Alexis went to her room. She walked in to find Lindsey sitting on Harpers bed alone.

“Um, where’s Harper”? Alexis said. Alexis didn’t see Harper anywhere, she wasn’t in the bathroom. She wasn’t in the closet, under the bed, nowhere.

“She went to go get us some coffee from the coffee shop” Lindsey said. What, Alexis didn’t even know they had a coffee shop. No one ever told her until now. She could be with them, with Harper getting coffee and hanging out with them. She wasn’t thou; she was at cheer with Vidia, which one was funner. Which one would she be happy doing? She was having so much fun at cheer but she wanted to hangout with her friends too.

“Oh” Alexis finally said coming out of her day dream. It was already almost eight so Alexis just got out her book for English and started to read till lights out. There dorm girls name was Judy and she was pretty cool. As long as your lights were out by ten she didn’t care if you whispered to your roommate. Lindsey had gone back to her room at about nine-thirty.

Harper and Alexis didn’t talk at all when they turned the lights off. Alexis knew she was going to have trouble going to sleep. She was so nervous, but she managed to fall asleep at about eleven.


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