Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 7
Want To Come To My Dorm?

     Alexis woke to the startling sound of her alarm clock.  When she looked at her alarm clock it said 7:10am.  She rose quickly from her bed and started to push Harper off her bed.  It was the only way she could think of waking her up at the time.  Once she had successfully pushed Harper off her bed she ran to her drawer to get her clothes.  She didn’t even have time to take a shower.  If she were to take a shower she would have been late to class.

        Harper got up and looked at the clock, then became frantic just as Alexis was.  She was rushing as fast as she could to get her things ready and go.  Alexis and Harper were going to be late if they didn’t hurry up.  They didn’t even have time to talk.

        As Alexis rushed out the door she almost forget her backpack but then quickly grabbed it and started to run to class.  It was 7:55am when Alexis came running in her first period English class and when she sat down people were looking at her like she was a nut.  She just didn’t want to be late for class, what’s wrong with that.

        The bell rang and Ms. Kelly walked in.  They were going to be writing an essay.  The challenge was it had to be in 1st person.  It didn’t have to be in your point-of-view but it did have to be in 1st person.  That’s all Ms. Kelly said then she let them get to work.

Alexis was an okay writer so she just sat there for about five minutes until she had an idea.  Her idea was about how this girl is telling about how she became a famous writer.  So she began to write.  In between writing she would talk to Lindsey but get bored of listening to Lindsey talk about what she and Harper had done without her.  Alexis felt left out and just wanted to write and be left alone.

When the bell rang Alexis went to math.  She didn’t have to talk to anyone or have anyone talk to her in that class.  Mr. Burt said that they were going to be leaning about measurements.  As Mr. Burt was explaining how many inches in a mile Alexis started to fall asleep.  Then the bell rang and startled her.

Alexis sat down in history and waited for the bell to ring.  She didn’t talk to Lindsey at all.  Whenever Lindsey tried to talk to her she pretended she didn’t hear her.  The only thing that Alexis was kind of exited about was cheerleading practice.

At lunch Alexis kept to herself while Lindsey and Harper talked about there latest plans.  Cheerleading sounded funner and funner by the second.  But that’s what cased all the trouble in the first place.  Alexis wanted to be a cheerleader really bad but if she was a cheerleader she would never be able to hang out with her friends.  They would be having fun without her.

When Alexis went to science they had to do work out of the book.  They had to answer questions from the book.  The questions were about volcanoes and things like that.  There was a lot of work to be done so she got started.  Lindsey didn’t talk to her at all.  She was doing her work too.  Maybe she wasn’t doing well in science either.  Alexis was almost done with all the book work when the bell rang.  Mr. Lucas said that she could finish it the next day.

In art Alexis got to work on a painting which set her mind free.  Ms. Saber said that they were allowed to paint whatever they wanted.  It took Alexis a while to figure out what she was going to paint.  She finally decided that she was going to paint a tree landscape.  But she was going to draw each individual leaf on each tree.  Then she was going to do each tree for a different season.  For instance, one tree would be like a tree in the summer, one would be like a tree in the winter, one would be like a tree in the spring and one would be like a tree in the fall.  Ms. Saber thought it was a great idea.

Alexis was really getting into art.  She thought that she had a great idea and hoped that it would look okay when she was done.  So she started to draw the trees lightly in pencil.  Right before the bell rang Alexis was done sketching her trees.  There were twelve trees and she was proud of herself for finishing the drawing.  Now all she had to do was draw the leaves on each tree and paint it.

She started to walk to P.E.  On the board it said what they were going to be doing for the day.  In said, VOLLEY BALL, in bold capital letters.  Mr. Woods always wrote in capital letters.  Mr. Woods walked in as the bell rang.

Alexis hadn’t talked to anyone for the whole day.  She hoped she would be in a better mood when she went to cheerleading practice.

“Okay class, were going to stretch, run one lap and then play volley ball” Mr. Woods said.  Then he started to call the rows to go outside.

When they got outside they did their stretches.  Then they ran a lap.  Alexis ran as fast as she possibly could so she could be done with it.  She was the fifth person to finish.  Lindsey was way behind talking to this boy with sandy blond hair that Alexis didn’t know.

As soon as everyone was done they started to play volleyball.  Mr. Woods told people that if they wanted to be captain they should raise their hands.

Alexis raised her hand not knowing what she was doing.  “Alexis” Mr. Woods said looking at his notepad, “and Zoey”.

Alexis didn’t know anyone it her class except for Lindsey.  Mr. Woods told Zoey to pick first.

“Lindsey” Zoey said pointing at her.  Lindsey trotted over.  Then it was Alexis’s turn to pick.  She had no idea who to pick so she just picked this girl that she saw at cheer practice.  She didn’t know her name though.

When the girl came and stood next to Alexis she said “hi my name is Vidia”.  Alexis smiled at Vidia then waited for Zoey to pick a guy.  Vidia helped Alexis with the names of the people she wanted to pick.  She also told Alexis who the good players were.

Alexis’s team was: herself; Vidia; Josh; Faith; Nico; Paige; Bryson; Ella; Owen; Callie; Kenny; Wendy; Tommy; Mena; Leo; Juliet; and Hank.

Now they were ready to go.  Alexis had no idea how to play volleyball or how to hit a volley ball.  Lucky for her Josh loved sports and showed her how to hit the ball and told her the rules.  Now she was really ready to go.

Alexis let Josh hit the ball first because he said it was his favorite part.  When he hit it and it flew into the air then started to fall.  Ella hit it with both of her palms and it flew over the net.  No one on the other team got to the ball in time so Alexis’s team had scored a point.  Mr. Woods was keeping score on his clip board.  Then Alexis’s team got the ball again.

School only had ten minutes left and the two teams were tied.  Alexis’s team had the ball and Mr. Woods said that that was the last play.  Hank hit the ball then Josh did.  When he hit the ball it went over the net.  Then one of the other team’s people hit the ball and Faith hit it.  She didn’t hit it over the net so Josh came running to save the ball before it hit the ground.  But it was too late.  He had missed the ball by a few inches.  He didn’t seem too happy but he was a good sport about it.  Alexis was just happy to have a jock on her team because Mr. Woods said that they were going to be the teams for a while.

Alexis had talked to Vidia through the whole game.  They got alone very well.  Vidia was a petite girl with very dark brown hair.  It almost looked black.  She was in cheer with Alexis.  Hopefully she would be Alexis’s new friend since she didn’t have any anymore.

When they headed to the classroom Alexis and Vidia walked together.  They talked about cheerleading and friends and family.  The bad thing was they only had P.E together.  That’s okay they would see each other everyday at cheerleading if they both made it.  Cheer tryouts were on Friday.  So they had two days to get ready.

They were getting along good.  Vidia was very nice and sweet.  Alexis always made her laugh.  Vidia was in Swisher Hall too.  All the sixth graders were.  She was in room 18 which was only a few away from Alexis.

When they got into class Lindsey was talking to Nico again (the only reason she knew his name was because he was on her team).  He sat behind them.  Lindsey talked to him a lot.

The bell rang, Alexis and Vidia started to walk to cheerleading.  “Want to come to my dorm” Vidia said “you know, after cheerleading”?

Alexis smiled at Vidia.  She was happy to be talking to someone.  She hadn’t talked to anyone all day.  “Okay, we can work on our homework together” Alexis said.  Then they kept walking to where they had cheerleading practice, in the gym.


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