Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 6
Without Me

        The cheerleading teachers name was Kelly.  She was a pretty young woman with blond hair.  She looked like she was a cheerleader when she was in school.

        Alexis was exited about getting started.  For the first half an hour they spent talking about teamwork and team spirit.  There team mascot was the bear.  They were the Bates Bears.  The school even had its own basketball, football, and soccer team.  They were all called the Bears.

        Then they got a half an hour to do some or all of there homework.  Alexis did all her other homework except for her math homework.  That was going to take her a while.

        The rest of the time they spent learning there first cheer.  They had a week to learn there cheer and they had cheer practice every day except for on the weekends.  All together they had to spend one and a half hours there everyday.

        The cheer that Alexis had to do was very simple.  It was step to the right, step to the left, jump and land in a pose.  She promised herself she would practice the cheer after she was done with all her homework.

        When Alexis got back to her room and opened the door she saw Harper and Lindsey laughing there heads off.  They were sure getting alone way better then before, all because of Alexis.  She was proud of herself for starting a new friendship.

“What are you guys doing” Alexis said with a smile.

“Oh, we are just hanging out and guess what, I get formula’s now all because of Harp” Lindsey said grinning at Harper.  She already has a nickname for Harper, wow they must really be getting along, Alexis thought still looking and smiling at them.

“Oh, it wasn’t that hard to teach you Linny, you were just thinking about it wrong” Harper said patting Lindsey on the shoulder.  Alexis didn’t know what happened while she was gone but it was definitely weird.

        After Alexis did all her math (which took her a half an hour) she started to practice her cheer.  She had practiced the cheer twenty times when Harper and Lindsey started to walk to the door.

“Where are you going” Alexis said holding her pose.

“We are going to the hang out” Lindsey said looking at Harper.

“Without me” Alexis said frowning.

“Well, you are practicing your cheer and we got bored so we are leaving” Harper said opening the door.

“Oh, okay” Alexis said looking down.

        When Lindsey and Harper walked out of the room tears started to form in Alexis’s eyes.  She did know why but she felt like her friends had been taken from her by each other.  She was sad that they had left her.  She did not want to go to the hang out (the place where all the girls at the school hung out) because she did not want to see Harper and Lindsey.  It was like Harper chose Lindsey over Alexis and Lindsey chose Harper of Alexis.  It was a lose, lose for her.

        But she kept practicing.  She didn’t have anything else to do.  Ms. Reed said that you had to make up a song to go with the cheer too.  Alexis kept trying to make up good songs but she couldn’t.  She was frustrated and not focused.

        When Harper and Lindsey got back Alexis was asleep.  Well she was acting like she was asleep.  She was really crying into her pillow.  But Lindsey and Harper didn’t notice.  They were to busy laughing.  It was almost eight and Lindsey was still there.

        Then Lindsey finally hugged Harper, told her goodbye, and left.  As soon as Lindsey closed the door Alexis rose from her pillow with her red eyes and face.  Harper looked at Alexis like she was crazy.

        “What happened” Harper said.  Now Alexis was looking at Harper like she was crazy.  How did she not know what was wrong?

        “What do you think?” Alexis said as a tear rolled down her face.  Harper looked at her clueless.  “I thought I had started a new friendship with you two but then you left me and now I haven’t finished a song for my cheer” Alexis said then taking a breath.

        “You’re sad because you didn’t finish a song” Harper said.  More tears ran down Alexis’s face.


        “No! I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just I was sad that you left me all alone so will you please help me make up a song that goes with my cheer” Alexis said shrugging her shoulders.

        “Okay” Harper said.  Alexis showed Harper her cheer again then they started to think of songs.  They finally made up a song. It went like this “we are the bears, we are the bears, b, e, a, r, s, bears, yea”.  It was nine thirty when Alexis and Harper finally went to bed. Alexis was relieved that she had finished her cheer song and she could sleep in peace.  Well sort of.  She was still thinking about Lindsey and Harper but how could she not.


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