Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 5
Good Luck With Your Math

        When Alexis woke up she was exited.  She was exited because she was signing up for cheerleading.  She had always been pretty flexible and thought that cheerleading would be fun.

        She took a shower, did her hair and got her cloths on.  It only took her about a half an hour so she had a lot of time.  When it was about twenty more minutes till class she said good-bye to Harper (who was putting her cloths on in the bathroom) and closed the door.  She started to walk to the office so she could send the letter she wrote to her mom.

        When she gave the letter to the office lady she said “wow, writing so soon, you must miss this person”.

“She wrote first but yeah I miss my mom already, well, bye” Alexis said walking out of the office glad that she wouldn’t be late for class.

        As she sat down she taped Lindsey on the shoulder and Lindsey jumped.  Then turned around and smiled.  As soon as Ms. Kelly walked into the classroom the bell rang.  Ms Kelly gave a piece of paper to everyone in the class that said “Reading Log”.  She explained that every week you were supposed to read for at least three and a half hours.  She also said that they had to do a book report on a book that she gave them.  You could read your book report book for your reading log or one of your own books.

        Ms. Kelly started to pass out random books with pieces of paper in them.  When Alexis got hers it read “Down River”, it sounded interesting so she read the back.  Inside there were questions about each chapter.  It seemed like a lot of work because it was eighteen chapter and the words were pretty small.  The rest of the period they were suppose to just look at there books, maybe read a few pages.

        The bell rang and it was one step closer to cheerleading.  Now it was time for math (Alexis’s favorite subject, not).  The whole math class they talked about why a formula was a formula and how you got a formula.  It was one of the most boring things ever.  There homework was to make up a hundred formulas to get a hundred.

        Beep, another step closer to cheerleading.  Ms. Van was handing out workbooks as the students walked into the classroom.  On the cover it said “6th grade history”.  Ms. Van said that they were going to be learning about the ancient world.

        The whole period they watched a boring video about ancient people.  Beep, another step closer to cheerleading.  Alexis walked to the lunch room and met up with Lindsey, then found Harper.  They all sat together and Lindsey and Harper weren’t getting along any better then they were before.  Hopefully they would get along better when Harper was helping Lindsey.

        In Science class Alexis and Lindsey got to do a “lab” about how much water weighs.  They spilt water everywhere and all over each other and Mr. Lucas didn’t even care.  He just said that they had to clean it up when they were done.  Beep, another step closer to cheerleading.

        Art was fun.  They got to draw cartoon characters.  Beep, one more subject till cheerleading.

        For P.E. they played baseball Alexis and Lindsey weren’t on the same team.  When Alexis was up she didn’t hit the ball once and she felt like a loser.  But she was too exited to be angry.  When the bell rang Alexis said “good luck with your math” to Lindsey and rushed to the sign up desk.

        She found the desk that said “cheerleading try-outs”.  She put her name on the list and waited.  The lady at the desk said that you signed your name then waited for the cheerleading teacher to get there.  So she waited.   


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