Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 4
How Do You Send Letters?

        Once Alexis was done with her homework she went over to Lindsey’s room and knocked on the door.  When Lindsey answered the door Alexis asked her if she wanted to come over to her room and Lindsey said yes.  Lindsey said that she was still not done with her math homework and she was having trouble with it but could take a break.

        Alexis would have helped Lindsey with her math but she had trouble with it to.  She had just finished herself.  She was okay at math but it was not her best subject.  Then they started to talk.

        Lindsey said that she had never been good at math and had to take an extra math class.  She was struggling with her regular homework from Mr. Burt’s class and her other math class.  Alexis didn’t know what to do.  She wasn’t very good at math either.  The year before she had done okay but not as good as she did in other subjects.

        Then they changed the subject.  Now they were talking about what was hot and what was not.  Alexis said that grey was the new black and Lindsey agreed.  They both agreed that Britney Spears was so out.

        They were really getting along well.  For a second Alexis forgot about Harper.  But then she thought, where was Harper anyway.  Maybe she was good at math and could help Lindsey.  But they didn’t like each other.  Well if Lindsey wanted to get a good grade in math and Harper was good at math she would accept her help, right.

        “Are you going to sign up for any clubs or anything” Alexis said taking out her pajamas even though it was only 5:30pm.

“No, I don’t think so, I need to focus on my math as much as possible” Lindsey said frowning.

They sat there for a few seconds then Alexis broke the silence and said “okay”.

        Then Harper walked into the room.

“Where were you” Alexis said with a worried look on her face.

“I was helping and getting to know Ms. Saber, you know our art teacher” Harper said smiling.

“Oh” Alexis said relieved.

        Alexis decided that she was going to sign up for cheerleading after school and Lindsey agreed to have Harper help her with her math after school.  So everything was planed out.  The next day Alexis was going to sign up for cheerleading while Harper helped Lindsey with her math.  Harper said that math was her best subject.

        Lindsey had to go home after they figured out what they were going to do so she could finish her homework.  When Lindsey went back to her dorm Alexis put her pajamas on and got out her mail that she had received while Lindsey was there.  They could have laptops at school but they didn’t get internet so she couldn’t get e-mails.  Then she opened the letter and it was from her mom.

        Dear Alexis,

I hope you’re having a good time your first day of school.  As soon as I got home from dropping you off I wrote this letter.  And I went straight to the post office so it would get to you on your first day.  Tell me if you have made any friends and what has been going on (even though you have only been there for a day).  Thanks!  I love you so much and miss you.

Love, Mom

        Alexis read the letter one more time then decided to write back.

“How do you send letters?” Alexis asked Harper before getting a piece of paper out.   

“You go in the office a give it to them” Harper said.  “Oh, okay thanks” Alexis said getting out a piece of paper.  Then she started writing.

        Dear Mom,

Thanks for checking in on me and writing so soon.  I have been doing well.  I made two friends Harper (my roommate) and Lindsey (a girl that has a lot of classes with me and is my across the hall neighbor).  I think I’m going to sign up for cheerleading.  It sounds fun but we’ll see.  My favorite teacher is Mr. Lucas.  He is really nice and cool.  Miss you.

Love, Alexis

        She was going to drop it off before school in the office.  But it was time to go to bed because Alexis was tiered.  She put the letter on her night stand and got under the covers.  She asked Harper if it was okay to turn the light off and she said yes.  So Alexis turned it off, closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.


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