Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 3
So, Are You Into Sports?

        Alexis was exited because her next class was with Harper.  She took her map and paper with her classes on it again and did the same thing that she did for her first class.  She saw that her next room number for her math class was G4.  She got her books out of her locker then started to walk to her next class again.  She learned that at her new school the students had ten minutes to get to and from classes unlike most schools (other schools usually only five minutes).

        She walked into the classroom and everyone was standing up.  The teacher was already in the classroom and the bell had not rang yet.  Alexis found Harper and stood next to her.

When the bell finally rang the teacher said “I’m Mr. Burt, I will assign you your seat”.  He started to call off names and got a lot of last names wrong.  Alexis hoped he would not pronounce her name wrong.  She hated to be embarrassed.

        Then he finally said “Alexis Cromwell” pronouncing it correctly.

After that he said “Ella House”.  That was the girl that was going to be sitting next to her.  When Mr. Burt was done seating everyone he said that no one was suppose to talk.  He gave them a huge math workbook.  He said that pages one through twelve they had to do and if they didn’t finish them in class they had to do them when they got to there dorms.  He also said that it was stuff that they had done the year before so she thought it wouldn’t be so hard.

        So Alexis got to work.  When the bell rang Alexis was done with the first four pages.  The whole time she didn’t even look or talk to the girl next to her.  She didn’t talk to Harper at all either. 

        Alexis took out her map and the paper with her classes on it and looked for her next class.  Her next class was history.  The room number was A2.  It wasn’t very far away so she went to her locker and put her huge math workbook away and got her history books.

When she walked into her history class Lindsey was looking at the door sitting down gesturing for Alexis to sit with her.  So Alexis went and sat with her.

The bell rang and a teacher came in and said “I’m Ms. Van”.  She talked for a while then put on a movie about the ancient world (which is what they were going to be studying for the year).

        The movie was pretty boring but then Alexis felt a tug on her shoulder.  It was Lindsey.  She put a note on Alexis’s desk and it said, lets sit together at lunch, do you want to invite anyone else?  Alexis looked at the note for a minute then replied, yeah, I will get her and show her were we are sitting”.

        When the bell rang Alexis and Lindsey went there separate ways.  Lindsey went to the lunch room and then the lunch eating area and Alexis went to go find Harper.  As she walked she finally saw Harper’s distinct red hair.  She told Harper to come and sit with her at lunch.  So they went to the lunch room then went to the lunch eating area.

        Alexis was leading the way when she saw Lindsey.  She was sitting at a table alone looking around.  Then she saw Alexis and smiled and waved.  Then saw Harper and gasped.  They stood there for a minute then went to go sit down.

        “This is-” Alexis said but then was interrupted by Harper.

“Lindsey” Harper said looking down at her food tray.  “You two know each other, are you friends” Alexis said smiling.

“No” Lindsey said looking down at her food tray too.  Then Alexis’s smile turned into a frown.

        What was Alexis going to do if her two probably best friends did not like each other?  She was just going to have to figure out what to do to make them become friends.

        When lunch ended the three girls went and sat on the big patch of grass in the middle of the school.  It’s where all the kids went for lunch recesses (the only recesses they got).  They could sit down, play football, play soccer, ect.  When they found a rock to sit on they were all quiet.  There was a lot of noise around them but they were completely silent.  No one spoke a word the whole recesses.

        As the bell rang the girls got up and started to walk to there classes.  Alexis and Lindsey went to there fifth period science class and Harper went to her fifth period class.  When Alexis and Lindsey walked into there science class it was so cool.  It looked like a high school science class.  With the lab chairs and probably lab partners.

        Alexis and Lindsey looked at each other for a second and were obviously thinking the same thing.  So they found two empty seats and sat next to each other.

The teacher walked in smiling and said “hi students, my name is Mr. Lucas”.

“He is supposed to be the nicest teacher in the whole school” Lindsey said whispering into Alexis’s ear, “That’s what my big brother said”.

        Mr. Lucas said that the person that you were sitting next to would be your lab partner.  Alexis knew that was going too happened.  She already thought he was cool.

        The rest of the period they talked about what they were going to do for the year and asked questions about Mr. Lucas.  When the bell rang it was time to see Harper.  It was time for art (which Alexis thought was probably Harper’s favorite subject).  Hopefully they could sit next to each other.

        When Alexis walked up to the classroom the door was closed and everyone was outside.  She saw Harper and went and stood next to her.  When the bell rang the door swung open.  As the kids walked into the classroom the teacher gave every student a half of a playing card.  Alexis’s card was the three of hearts.

        Every desk had the other side of a card on it.  The teacher said that you were supposed to find the other side of your card and sit down at that seat.  The tables were set up in fours.  After everyone sat down Alexis could see that Harper sat right in front of her at the same table.

        Alexis and Harper smiled at each other and started to giggle into there hands.

Then they fell silent because the teacher started to talk, “hello fellow artists, I’m Ms. Saber, I’m your art teacher”.  Ms. Saber said that for the rest of the week they were going to learn about famous artists.  When Alexis looked at Harper she was staring at the teacher looking very exited.  Alexis was right, it was her favorite class.

        Ms. Saber said to listen well to what each artist style was because they were going to have to imitate one of the artist’s pieces of art the next week.  Alexis really thought that Georges Seurat was pretty cool.  He was called the father of pointillism.  He used tiny little dots to make a painting.  Alexis knew it looked hard but she thought she could do it.

        When the bell rang Alexis wasn’t very exited.  Next and last was P.E.  Alexis wasn’t very athletic.  She never liked sports, she was more of a fashion kind of girl.  But she had to go.  The only thing she was looking forward to was maybe a cool teacher and seeing Lindsey.

        When she walked into the classroom Lindsey was standing up looking around then she looked at the door and saw Alexis.  They found two open seats and sat next to each other.

When the bell rang a teacher walked in and said “hey students, I’m Mr. Woods”.  He seems pretty cool, Alexis thought.

        They went outside and Mr. Woods showed them were they were going to run laps and the stretches they were going to do.  Mr. Woods said that everyday they were going to play a different game every day, but that day they were going to play kick ball.

        Mr. Woods called out “Hank and Wilton you will be captains”.  The boys high fived each other and stood next to each other.  Then they started to call names that would be there team mates.  There were only six people left when Wilton finally called out “the girl in the purple” pointing at Alexis.

        Alexis was on the same team as Lindsey which made her smile.  She was happy that she would have someone to hang out with.  They started to talk while other people kicked.

“So, are you into sports” Lindsey said watching a girl run to first base.

“No, not really, you” Alexis said looking at Lindsey.

        “I don’t like sports either” Lindsey said looking at the sun then turning away.  Alexis and Lindsey had a lot in common.  Mr. Woods called Alexis up next to kick and she was scared.  She didn’t want to embarrass herself because she was a bad kicker.  But she took a breath and walked up to the base.  As Mr. Woods pitched the ball to her on the ground everything looked like it was in slow motion.  Then it came close to her foot and she kicked as hard as she could but missed and tripped herself.

        People started to giggle but Alexis ignored it and through the ball back to Mr. Woods so she could try again.  He pitched the ball to her again and this time she kicked it, hard.  It went far and high but no one caught it.

She started to run as fast as she could and got to third base when she heard Wilton say “stop, stay on that base”.

        The next guy kicked and Alexis made it successfully to the home base.  Wilton came up to her and gave her a high five.  Then she went back to sit down with Lindsey who looked amazed.

“I thought you weren’t into sports” Lindsey said.

“I guess it was a lucky kick, right, I’m not into sports though” Alexis said.

“Oh, okay” Lindsey said smiling again.

        Mr. Woods blow his whistle and said it was time to go into the classroom.

When they sat down in there chairs some announcements came on and they said “club sign-ups are tomorrow after school in front of the lunch room”.  Alexis thought of if she was going to sign up for anything.  Maybe she would have to see what there was.

        When the bell rang at 3:00pm Alexis and Lindsey walked to there dorms together.  When they got in Swisher Hall they went there separate ways into there rooms across from each other.

“Well see you later” Alexis said.

“Yeah, come over anytime or I can come over” Lindsey said getting her key out and opening her door.  “Okay” Alexis opening her door, “maybe later”.

“Okay, bye” Lindsey said closing her door.


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