Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 2
So, Do You Have A BFF?

        When Alexis’s alarm started to beep at 6:30am Harper was still asleep.  Alexis didn’t know if she should wake Harper up or let her sleep.  Her first class started at 8:00am and she had to get dressed and get the books that the school sent in the mall to her in her backpack.  She decided to just get Harper up.  She shook Harper and she started to grunt.  “What, I’m up, I’m up” she said grunting again and then turned to face the wall.

        “Get up its school time,” Alexis said shaking her again.  Then Harper finally sat up in her bed and looked at Alexis with her eyes half shut.  “Oh hi, you scared me” Harper said stretching her arms in the air as she got up out of her bed.  They both started to get ready.  While Harper was in the shower Alexis was taking her braids out.  When she took both of them out her hair was nice and wavy.  She liked it like that.

        Then Alexis started to look for an outfit to wear in her drawer.  She found a shirt that had a peace sign on it that was purple and white shorts with a purple belt.  It was one of her favorite outfits.  Harper walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her hair.  Then she took the towel off.  Her hair was red.  Alexis had not noticed that Harpers hair was red.  She was to busy talking and getting along with her.

        “Wow! That’s a really fancy outfit,” Harper said shaking out her hair.  “This, oh yeah it’s one of my favorite outfits” Alexis said with a grin on her face.  Harper had on some old looking jeans and a white shirt that had paint all over it.  A very unique look, Alexis thought.

        Alexis walked to the corner of the room and put her books in her backpack.  It was already 7:30am but Alexis wanted to wait for Harper even though they didn’t have their fist period class together.  “Do you want me to wait for you?” Alexis said.  “No it’s okay” Harper said.  “Are you sure?” Alexis said with a worried look on her face.  “Yeah, it’s okay, I’m use to being alone” Harper said looking down.  Alexis stood there for a second then said “okay, see you later”.

        Then Alexis walked out of the room and shut the door.  She took out her map (that her mom gave her) and the paper with her classes on it.  It said that the room number of her first class was B2.  She looked for it on the map and saw it was not very far.

        She started to walk among the crowd and saw and heard people talking and laughing.  She wanted to get into some of the conversations but she decided not to say anything.  She just walked quietly to her first period English class.

        She saw a sign on the window of a classroom that said B2.  “This must be the place” Alexis mumbled to herself as she walked into the classroom.  She saw an empty seat and immediately sat down.

        There was a girl sitting next to her talking to the guy in the back of them.  She was not paying attention to Alexis so she just set her hot pink backpack on her table and put her two pieces of paper away.  Then the bell rang and a teacher walked in.  She said, “Hi my name is Ms. Kelly.

        Ms. Kelly started to talk about the rules of the school and they were all obvious.  Like don’t run, don’t cheat, don’t lie, and don’t go off campus, all obvious things.  Alexis just sat there and listened.  She would look around occasionally but nothing interesting was going on around her.  Everyone looked like they were about to fall asleep.

        Then from the corner of her eye she could see the girl sitting next to her.  She had long, very light brown hair and what Alexis thought was blue eyes (but she wasn’t sure).  She looked like she could be one of the popular kids.  She had cool clothes, perfect hair and was very pretty.

        Ms. Kelly said more stuff then said that for the rest of the period since they had to listen to her boring but required speech that they could talk to the person next to them to get to know them.  Alexis looked at the girl next to her and she was staring right at her.  She said “hey, my names Lindsey”.  “Hi, my name is Alexis” she said wit a smile on her face because the boring speech was over.

        They began to talk and were very alike.  Lindsey called herself a “well-known” person.  Alexis thought that meant she was popular and she was right.  But Lindsey didn’t seem like the kind of popular ked that was mean and made fun of people.  She seemed nice and friendly.

        Alexis hoped so.  “So, do you have a BFF” Lindsey said.  “Um, no not really, I don’t know anyone here, what about you” Alexis said.  Lindsey stared into space for a few seconds then looked back at Alexis and said, “I know people here but I don’t have a best friend”.

        Then they started to talk about normal stuff again.  They asked each other what room number they were in and Lindsey was in room 12, right across from Alexis’s room.  Then they asked each other what classes they had.  They had first period English, third period History, Lunch, fifth period Science and seventh period P.E. together.

        They talked some more and then the bell rang.  They told each other that they would see them for third period.  Then they went their separate ways.


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