Days In Middle School
Author: SassySista

Chapter 1
Thanks Alexis, It Means Alot To Me

        As  Alexis  got  up  out  of  her  bed  the  sun  was  shinning  in  her  window. She opened the window and smelled the nice cool morning air. Today her mom was taking her to her new school.  She was going to be going to a boarding school.  She  was  scared  because  she  was  going  into  sixth  grade  at  a  new  school.  She  just  kept  thinking,  what  if  I  don’t  make  any  friends  at  all.  She hoped not.

        No  one  that  Alexis  knew  was  going  to  her  new  school.  Alexis  started  to  pack  the  week  before  so  she  only  had  to  get  ready.  As  she  looked  for  the  perfect  outfit  her  cat  walked  in  her  room  so  she  pet  her.  She  knew  she  was  not  going  to  see  her  cat  Lilly,  for  a  while.  For  her  outfit  she  picked  a  white  shirt  and  a  blue,  purple,  white,  and  black  plaid  jacket.  For pants she wore pale blue colored skinny jeans that she always wore when she was looking to impress people.

        Then she had to get in the shower.  After she got out she put her clothes on.  She  decided  to  put  her  long  blonde  hair  in  two  braids  on  either  side  of  her  head.  She liked her hair like that.

        Alexis  went  into  her  moms  room  and  said  “come  on  mom  get  up,  it’s  my  first  day  of  middle  school”.  Then  she  went  into  the  kitchen  and  made  herself  a  bagel.  Her mom walked into the kitchen.

“You look nice” her mom said.  Alexis thanked her mom.

        Alexis always looked good because she was a girly-girl.  She loved clothes and make-up.  She  always  put  the  best  outfits  together  and  always  had  a  cute  hairstyle. Alexis and her mom got in the car.  Now  she  was  exited  because  she  was  about  to  go  to  a  new  school, but also very anxious.

        As  they  pulled  up  to  the  school  Alexis  saw  the  sign  that  said  “Bates  Boarding  School”.  They pulled up and got out of the car.

Alexis’s  mom  finally  told  her  what  dorm  she  was  in  “You  are  in  Swisher  Hall,”  her  mom  said  handing  her  two  pieces  of  paper. Her mom loved that kind of stuff, surprising her with little things like waiting to tell her what dorm she was in.  One paper had a map of the campus on it.  The other had her classes.

        Alexis hugged her mom and told her goodbye.  As  her  mom  got  in  the  car  and  drove  away  she  thought,  I’m  on  my  own  now.  She  quickly  looked  down  at  one  of  the  paper  and  it  said  that  her  room  number  was  21.

“Here I go,” she mumbled to herself.

        As  she  put  her  key  into  the  lock  and  opened  the  door  she  saw  a  girl  unpacking  her  bags.

“Hi my name is Alexis,” she said.  The girl jumped and stared at her clueless.  She had not known Alexis was there.

Then  she  smiled  and  said,  “Hi  my  name  is  Harper”  with  a  hand  held  out  to  shake.  Alexis shook her hand and smiled.

        They  began  to  talk  and  Alexis  found  out  that  her and  Harper  were  very  much  unalike.  Alexis was very girly and liked make-up and clothes.  But Harper liked to play the piano and paint.  Then  Alexis  thought  about  it  for  a  second  and  realized  she  had  not  even  looked  at  what  classes  she  had.

        She  looked  down  and  saw  that  her  classes  were,  first  period  English,  second  period  Math,  third  period  History,  Lunch,  fifth  period  Science,  sixth  period  Art,  and  seventh  period  P.E.

Then  Harper  looked  at  her  and  said,  “What  are  your  classes”.  Alexis said her classes aloud then Harper did the same.  They  had  second  period  Math,  Lunch  and  sixth  period  Art  together.

        Then they started to talk again.  They were getting to know each other.  Alexis thought that Harper was pretty cool.  They talked about their friends, family, likes and dislikes.  They were starting to become good friends already.

        Alexis  was  just  finishing  putting  her  clothes  and  things  away  when  Harper  said  “I’m  going  to  tell  you  something  that  makes  me  very  sad,  I  have  no  friends”.  Alexis  laughed  and  smiled  but  then  looked  at  Harper’s  hurt  face  and  knew  she  wasn’t  kidding.  How  could  Harper  not  have  friends,  she  is  so  nice  and  cool,  Alexis  kept  thinking.  She just couldn’t figure it out.

        Alexis just kept quiet for a while.  Then she got ready for bed and lay down.  She laid there for a while.

Then she finally said, “I’ll be your friend”.

“Thanks Alexis, it means a lot to me,” Harper said. Then Alexis fell asleep.


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