Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 10
The accusation

Dominc walks into his house and finds Raven looking drastically through his belongings.†
"Where is my necklace?!?!" Raven demanded.
"Look I don't know where you put it but you better find it soon because you know what happens when you are around kara without it." Dominic explained.
"I know. That is why I need it. But I looked everywhere and it's not there." Raven told him.
"Hmm.. Are you sure that it wasn't stolen?" Dominic asked.
"It could have been but who would steal it?"†
"Well I been having a feeling that your not the only vampire here." Dominic told him.
"Well who is it?" Raven asked.
"It's†Crest I noticed that he wasn't like a normal person when I met him. And the way he talked confirmed it he's a vampire."†
"Okay so he's a vamp but why would he steal my necklace?"
"Maybe he thought you were getting too close to Kara and so he wanted to steal it so you wouldn't be able to stand being around Kara without wanting to bite her." Dominic explained.
"Do u think he would do that?" Raven asked.
"I don't know. But I am going to find out."
"If it's true then he shouldn't be around kara I mean what if he bites her or if he tells her about us?" Raven asked.
"Don't worry. I'll stop him from doing both." Dominic told him.
"Thank you. It's a good thing that the king made you her protector." Raven said.
"One of them Raven. I'm one of her protectors." Dominic said with a gentle tone.
"Until I find my necklace I won't be able to stay anywhere near her." Raven told him.
"I know buddy I know but relax an let the big bad wolf handle this" Dominc said which caused Raven to smile.
"We have to find a way to get him alone so we can get your necklace back." Raven explained.
"Dont worry about that I know how to do both of those things very easily. He wont stand a chance." Dominic said smiling.
"This kid doesn't know who he's messing with and I can't wait to see him put down a inch" Raven said laughing.
"Well I should go spy on our little theif who knows what kind of mischeif he is getting himself†into." Dominc said.
"Good luck brother and be careful ok?" Ravewn told Dominic with a worried expression.
"Ahh don't worry about me. He should be the one who should be worried about anything." Dominic told him as he left the house and went into the garage.†Before he got into his car, he paced around the garage thinking of the perfect way to prove that†Crest is not as good as everyone thinks he is.†
He thouht long and hard about this for at least an hour before slding into his car and driving away.


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