Loving You
Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 11

 I laughed lightly as I listened to Axel's babbling about his Aunt who was just so annoying. He sighed. "I'm sorry. You must get so sick of me sometimes," He said.

"Not at all, honey," I kissed him on the forehead. I had one hand on the back of his waist and the other on his cheek. "I think it's cute. Stevie has a brother who's kind of... OTT. Jamie."

"I think I remember you saying about him," He snuggled closer to me. He rested his head on my shoulder. "I wish we could stay like this all day."

"Well..." I'd been considering this for a while. "We could."


"Stevie, Damon, Jess and Carrie are out all day," I shrugged. "I have a key."

"You mean like... skive?" He said, wide-eyed. "Xander, babe, we can't do that. As much as I'd love to, we'd get into so much trouble."

"No we won't," I shrugged. "I've done it before. I just go to Mrs Walker next door and tell her I'm not very well, but Stevie forgot to ring school."

"What would we tell her about me?"

"That you're Stevie's nephew or cousin or something," I said. I held both of his hands with mine. "C'mon, sexy, live life on the wild side." He looked like he was considering it. Then he smiled.

"Alright then, gorgeous," He said. "Let's do it."

I got it sorted, like I promised him I would. I told Mrs Walker next door that Stevie was at work, but me and Axel (who I said was Stevie's nephew) were feeling really ill. She said she'd fix it. So Axel and I went into our house, alone. "We won't get interrupted this time." I said. "C'mon, babe." I took his hands and led him up to my room, twirling him under my arm as we walked through the door. "Right. Where were we last time?" I sat him down on my bed.

"Here, I think," He kissed me.

Axel and I often had a feel about when we were snogging, but it'd never really gone any further than that. Until now. I lay down on the bed, pulling him down on top of me. He smiled against my lips. Before I had time to think about what I was doing, I was taking off Axel's school sweatshirt and tie. After a moment's hesitation, he was doing the same. When we were both in our boxers, wrapped around each other, our lips barely seperating, I kinda got a grip on the situation. "Axel... babe, I don't think we sould do this," I said

"Why?" He wrinkled his nose.

"I'm not ready," I confessed. "I'm kinda scared, actually. I mean, I've never done it before and..."

"You're still a virgin? Wow. With your looks, I'd think otherwise," He kissed me on the cheek.

"Get lost. I can't believe you are," I pulled him closer to me. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not, babe," He said. "Cuddling can be just as nice. I love cuddles."

I love you.... "Yeah. Me too."

Why couldn't I have the guts to say it?


Stevie seemed surprised that Axel was already at ours when she got back from work. I'd lent him a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, because his school uniform was creased and crinkled from being dropped on my bedroom floor. We were in the living room, Stevie, Axel and I. She was reading one of her celebrity magazines and Axel and I were working on our Science homework. Damon entered the room with his book under his arm.

"H-hi," He smiled wryly and sat cross-legged in his chair in the corner. Honestly, I'd never really paid attention to what he read. But Axel did.

"Stephen King?" He said. "I tried those once. I couldn't do it... they just freaked me out."

"R-Really?" Damon glanced up at him and smiled wanly. "Trust me A-Axel, I've s-seen things a hell of a l-lot scarier than P-Pennywise." Axel just nodded like he understood, though of course he didn't. Poor kid.


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