Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 29

the room was enveloped in darkness. sunlight pierced the black curtains with little hope of entering. light was gone. gone from sunshine's permanently dark world. she could get out, but light could never enter ever again.

it was her choice to keep her world dark. born to be of the sun, yet she refused to let it in again. she felt that it was her mother's fault, the whole world was to take the blame and she hated them for it. yet, whose fault was it, when her chains were gone and she was set free. but she continued in the dark world of hers, still delusional, thinking that she was trapped. she could have freed herself. she was born for the light, being bred in the dark, she grew to become it. but she did not know that as much as she lived in the dark, she had a love for the light-a love real and strong, yet the dark scuttled it and kept it as a subtle, weak spark. that sparked could have saved her, only if she would stop blaming the world.


sunshine sat up on her bed, unable to see the tears that were flowing down onto her black dress. she had never cried over anything. sunshine never cries. but the tears just flowed, slipping down over her smooth yellow skin. she was sad. but why? what would cause the sorrow? everything had caused her the sadness before, but she had not shed a single tear. finally she realised that all this while, all she had been feeling for the world was anger and hatred. it was now that the fury had calmed into melancholy. it was a strange feeling for her. a soft yet persisting feeling. it depressed her heart and she could not make it disappear. the tears were calming and she began to love them. she cried more, letting them flow on. so much so she tried forcing the tears to continue.


"open the windows, let the sunlight flood in." sunshine heard the spark in her. she did not understand the reason. she finally threw the curtains open and the sunlight flooded into the room. the sunlight that would rejuvenate her and give her life. she finally had the strength to open her heart, and let the sunshine into her life. yet the sun pierced her eyes, it was too overwhelming too bright for her. although able to face the sunshine, she could not look out at the lit landscape. her eyelids shut tightly, only letting a slight glow through. but that glow gave her hope. that maybe one day, sunshine would truly embrace the light she was born to be.


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