Big Lights Will Inspire You
Author: K.M. Paxton

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

    Lorenzo Morales

    The techno, clubby music blared and thumped out of the huge speakers surrounding the DJ's setup and around the bar. Colorful lights lit up the dark club and flashed down on the partygoers as they danced against each other on the dance floor, and a strong scent of alcohol was lingering in the air. Two huge bouncers lined the front doors of the club and parted as a group strode in, led by a tall, tan, muscular, and very tough looking young man. Several of the partying and dancing girls stopped dead as they saw him and migrated towards him, instantly recognizing his very arrogant face. Arrogant, yes. But also very, very rich.
    Lorenzo Morales never had a tough life, apart from the fact that he's never known his father and his mother died during childbirth. He was raised by his youthful (at the time) grandparents in a fancy Upper East Side penthouse that overlooked central park. Ever since he could walk, his baseball fanatic grandfather has been pushing him to excel at the sport.
    Signing him up for little league as soon as he could, he was shocked at how well Lorenzo played-and so were the coaches as well as everyone else around him. As he continued to excel, he became closer and closer to his grandpa, who encouraged him the whole way.
    He was the star of his private middle school and high school baseball teams, which wasn't looked past by scout's eyes. With his amazing gift, he was drafted by the MLB right out of high school at the age of eighteen. Of course, he wasn't the type of person who saw this as a humbling experience. He loved the attention he got and never passed up a chance to gloat about it.
    But, just moments after he had received the news of his draft, he received a call from the hospital. His grandfather had passed away from a heart attack. His grandma had been taken to a nursing home specializing in Alzheimer's patients, the disease she had but kept a secret from Lorenzo up until the doctor told him in that moment. The doctor also said that Lorenzo was the single heir to his grandparent's apartment and fortune, but of course, this had no effect on him as he was quite simply heartbroken.
    That night, he'd driven his sports car back to the apartment and stormed numbly through the front door. He'd slammed things, thrown things, hit things, and broke things. He didn't stop until all he could do was shrink to the floor and sob. Hours later, he'd stood up without feeling a thing and pulled a suitcase out of the closet. He'd filled it with random clothing items he'd picked from his dresser and zipped the bag closed, pulling the first set of car keys he could find off the hook. He'd driven to the nearest hotel and booked a room, staying there until he could manage to look at that apartment ever again.
    Now, six years later, a small part of him on the inside was still grieving. This small part was also the part that made him push people away with his mean, ill-tempered ways. He spent his nights partying and drinking to numb the pain, his hard-to-get-along-with personality hiding the real him: a sensitive young man just trying so hard to cope with a great loss, all in the eye of the public. Oh yes, he's one of the most famous baseball players of his time.
    All these reasons are what blames his lack of ability to keep a substantial relationship on. He hadn't had a girlfriend that lasted more than a few months (or at some times, weeks.) He'd just find a pretty girl that hung on to his arm, who'd become semi-famous for fifteen minutes as the paparazzi snapped pictures of him walking down the street. Then they'd have some disagreement and they'd break up, and the press would be all over that. Now a baseball player was not the only type of player he was known as to the American public.
    On this particular night at that particular club, a petite brunette had been his pick of the week. She laughed at his jokes and knew how to make his favorite food so to him, she was a keeper, at least for a little while. Most of the people he'd come with were teammates and their girlfriends, most of which had been together for more than a few months. Even his best friend Aaron Jamison, who he'd known since Little League, came with his own girlfriend of two years, Ashley. A bouncer led Lorenzo and the others to a private VIP room in the back.
    "Here you are, Mr. Morales and...guests." The bouncer opened the door for them and strolled away with a smug smile.
     Lorenzo took a seat on a couch with his girlfriend Mandy, and Aaron and Ashley sat on the couch across from them. Two single teammates ran over to the unmanned bar and began to mix drinks as Aaron eyed Mandy.
     "So I hear you're into cheerleading, Hailey." He proposed awkwardly, as if he felt he needed to make small talk. Someone changed the music to a hip-hop station and turned it up very loudly.
     "Um, my name is Mandy." She frowned.
      Aaron glared at Lorenzo. "You said her name was Hailey."
      Lorenzo forced an uncomfortable laugh and smiled at Mandy. "Of course I didn't! I've always known her name was...Mandy."
      Mandy shot up and stomped her foot. "JERK! We're THROUGH!" She pranced out the door in her sky-high heels as the three of them on the couch stared after her.
      "She's a keeper," Aaron grinned, patting Lorenzo on the shoulder.
      "Dramatic," Ashley sing-songed.
       Lorenzo shrugged. "Oh well. I can find better."
       "She was a super model."
       "I'm aware." He smirked.
       "You know we love you man, but you just about about worked through every somewhat attractive girl in this city." Aaron raised his eyebrows.
        The door suddenly busted open and a small, pale girl with long red hair stood in the doorway. She had huge sunglasses that were almost as big as her face and she wore a short dress that inched up her thighs.
        "Not every one." Lorenzo ran his fingers through his black hair and relaxed his position.
         "I'm so sorry, this is private isn't it?" She trilled in a high soprano.
         "No it's fine, come on in." Lorenzo half-smiled, showcasing his dimples on his tanned face.
          "I should get going..." She continued.
         "We'd love to have you."
          "I guess I could stay a while." Smiling, she shut the door behind her and sauntered towards the couch.
           And Lorenzo prepared himself for his next relationship.


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