Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 28

sunshine entered the room with a bathrobe around her body. her silky black hair falling over her face. lavender peered beneath the black strands and saw sunshine's half closed eyes. they were blood shot and tired.

"sunshine," lavender cooed gently.

sunshine dropped her head and more of her hair hid her face from her aunt. she walked quickly to her wardrobe and looked for a dress.

"sunshine," lavender's voice was softer.

sunshine ripped a black dress from it's hanger, as if to spite her aunt's comforting calls. draping the dress over her arm, she ran out of the room.

lavender watched wearily.

minutes later, sunshine was back. although she was clean, she had not combed her hair back and it was still tangled. her ebony dress dragged across the floor, proving it to be too long for her.

"go out," sunshine said in her hard voice.

lavender sighed softly and left.


she glanced around at her room once more, the baby pink walls and fresh green paint. the bright wooden cupboards and her colourfully embroided quilt. it was all too beautiful. she stood up and ripped the lavish purple curtrains from the window. then, she found black velvet from her drawer and hung the cloth up, blocking out all traces of sunlight. the room was peech black and she could no longer see the calming colours of the wall. everything was the way it was back home. dark, cold and peaceful. yet what was this peace she felt in darkness. it was solid and confronting. it was an escape. not at all did it feel like the peace she felt on the green hills outside. it was peace for the dark, peace that did not feel like peace at all.

it was in the sunlight on the hills that she could calm her wild thoughts, but here in the darkness, she could only harden her feelings and prevent them from escaping. but the more she kept them in, the harder it became to experience the real peace that she did not know she had longed for since the start.


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