the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 92
When you realise

When you realise

When you come to realise

That nothing is perfect

When you deceive yourself

You’ve no time to reflect

When I realised what I thought was right

Was really just so wrong

Beginning to understand

I misled myself all along

Of course sadness gripped me

In the moment I realise

That everything I lived for

I see the day it dies

And it was a burden deep

How could I recall

Until I’ve settled down

And let my wishes fall

My expectations high

Always dreaming of something else

But little did I realise

The great story the Bible tells

Always a wishing sadly

Always anticipating

But that is what motivates me

A driven hope to bring

There’s something more

That I would never know

Until I realise

I must let my dream go

My will is not your will

My way is not your way

I have a life to live

A life without a say

I’ll always seem to be waiting

And when there’s no more to wait

I’ll feel a senseless loss

A day without a date

No more meaning and purpose

But I wait for something great

Just like Anna in the Bible

It’s the most worthwhile wait

Then it struck me that that baby

Is coming soon again

To take me home someday

And free me from my pain

She waited long and old

In sorrow and in grief

But it took her further

Than anything I’d believe

She prayed and fasted much

With fervent, devoted praise

And I ought to be like her

And live the rest of my days

I realise now but turn away

And revert back to normal

Go about my sinful life

And do away with unusual

Sometimes it’s too late once time comes

To realise we were wrong

But that widow in the Bible

Waited long and waiting strong


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