My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 87
Is You..

Is You..

I meet you in the past,

You were a part of my present,

And we had plans for the future.


Because my world used to revolve around you,

Now that we've fallen out I dunno what to do,

I miss you more then my heart can stand,

I wish you'de forgive me and lend me your hand,

Pull my up from where I've fallen,

And kiss away all my petty tears,

I wish you would just take my back,

And chase away all my fears,

You know we're meant for each other,

What other explamantion could there be,

I have never thought about another,

You're the only one for me,

Though I know it's wrong,

And I should feel this way,

I'll stand up on my own,

And you will be certain to hear me say,

'I'll stand up for what I beleive in,

And I beleive in this love,

I'll stand up for what matters to me,

And what matters the most to me,

Is you..'

What you make of that is up to you,

I just hope you know now that I'm standing alone,

I just don't know what to say or do,

So I make a speech or just quote a quote?

You always used to give me idea's for our future,

Now I have to think alone,

I used to be fully capable of this,

That was before I was introduced to you,

And now that we're not together,

Nothing in this life seems true.




Damnit! Matthew, I need chu. Buh my prides too big too talk to chu first, and I can garuntee tis' the same for chu, buh.. >.< Matthew.. I love chu, I need chu, and I'ma sorry for what I did, buh I've made promises to never do it again.. With Sis, ask her yourself if chu won't take my word, just.. Please talk to me. v_v I'ma sorry. </3


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