the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 23
the world came crashing down

the world came crashing down


so many things have happened

people have laid to rest

and those still fighting to live

have given up on their best


many fall below the line

hanging on by thin strings

that soon weaken and snap

disaster sickness brings


i thought it was a time to celebrate

as one more year went by

but as those grades came back

my friend began to cry


the emotional war began

as rebuking made its way

into her weary heart

that fateful saturday


she ran the fastest she could give

yet it was not her best

disappointment and regret

made her soul depressed


they came to make me happy

to celebrate with me once more

but as i saw their sorrowful lives

i collapsed upon the floor


another ill with disease

and kept away in a ward

we went with one last hope

to stop her from being bored


glad to meet us there

smiles forced upon our face

though all that was shown was care

we broke out of our daze


i assumed all would be fine

when one more time she cried

her tears were too tormented

as if a loved one had died


speaking of my loved ones

one was near fatality

what could save her life

the world was crashing down on me


everyone was ill

everyone was sorry

their bodies filled with scars

their mind sick with worry


while everyone around me

was driven nearer the edge

i held on to the hope

that sat upon the ledge


with a living will to go on

and live one more day

hoping that tomorrow

will not bring dismay


as the world came crashing down

i saw how they lived it strong

to bring them some hope and joy

through life's storms so far so long


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