the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 22
forgotten friendships

forgotten friendships


life rushes by each time i look
no time to take a glance
the minutes fly across the clock
we spiral through our dance
the steps were made perfectly
to end with one last bow
but as life rushed on we let it go
and the finale disappeared somehow
it was there one day midst the audience
but too quick for us to see
the magic of friendship over the distance
and it's everlasting beauty
too many things to complete
within a shorter span
and soon enough life's gone
i let go of my friend
she was there all this while
fighting her own battle
no longer could we fight together
for communication was a hassle
when over the lands and across the seas
she stood no more on that shore
to hear me speaking hear my cry
we were close no more
life rushes by too fast for me
i cannot slow down to talk
i'd love to speak to you again
but i run and cannot walk
life seems clogged with business
that runs me everyday
no more time to sit down
and talk with you and pray
i keep you in my prayers
each night i fall asleep
but those prayer requests are old
no longer do those sad ones weep
those people i pray for i don't know
if they are saved today
for i heard about them long ago
which path did they take which way
life rushes by isabel
too fast to see you twirl
over the stage across the floor
you're no more that same girl
it moulds us too fast
to catch up with me
no longer can we speak
no more of each other we see
life rushes by
too many things to do
but one day i hope to speak again
to hold close to you


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