Poetry: from a jagged mind...
Author: Rose Hala

Chapter 6
Dreamy Eyes & Green Eyed Madness

                                                 Dreamy Eyes



If eyes are the windows to the soul, then his eyes are stained-glass-lead-light perfection. Who is this gorgeous man? He’s French; he’s the man of my dreams. He is Sebastien Izambard.

What color are they, green? Yes, but not just any old green. Oh no, they’re every kind of green and then, they turn this amazing shade of liquid green that you just want to loose yourself in body and soul.

Where will we meet? It’s my ultimate plan see your extraordinary eyes myself, but that’s in God’s hands.

When will we meet? Well, according to my God; we’ll meet ‘in the sweet by and by.’  But I plan to look into your gorgeous peepers long before that!

Why do I find it easier to describe his eyes than my own? I believe it is my right as a young woman, to still appreciate a drop-dead handsome man. 


                      Green Eyed Madness



“Hi Joe,” Sally said as her husband entered the café and sat beside her.

They both worked full time and having lunch together was, unfortunately, a rare treat.

“How was your day, darling? Have you ordered for both of us?” Joe had an hour free then he had to get back to his office for a meeting.

“I’ve ordered a BLT with fries and two lattes. Guess what? I received a Highly Commended certificate for my painting today.”  Sally was a member of the Creative Painting club. 

“Honey, that’s terrific! What did you paint?”

“Eyes, I had to paint the eyes of someone I know.”

“Oh, I wish I’d seen how you captured my eyes.” Sally slowly stirred her coffee before replying. “Sweetheart, I didn’t paint your eyes.”

“Oh…” Although he tried to hide it Sally could clearly hear the hurt in his voice. “So, who’s eyes did you paint, then?”


“Mark! Your ex Mark? But…I…I’m going back to work!” Joe walked out.

“Wait, Joe….!” Sally rolled her eyes. Stupid man! If only Joe had let her explain. The reason she had painted Mark’s eyes was because they were so unusual; one green eye and one blue eye. 

I know these aren't strictly poems, but they are too short for short stories and I didn't know where to put them. If you know - let me know OK, Rose



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