Halo- Countdown to Zero
Author: AtinMando

Chapter 14

“Welcome back.” Kami said as Atin woke up. He looked around, and saw that her eyes were sparkling with something. “Hey. How are you?”

Kami smiled. “Good. The mission was a complete success. Section Zero is destroyed.”

“Very good job.” Atin looked around. Nikki was at a computer console, Char was pacing by the door, Jon was sitting in a chair, and Will was staring out a window. Atin got up, and walked left to Nikki. “Hey, you're up. We were really worried about you. Some of us more than others.” Her eyes moved slightly to the right. “Where are we?” Atin asked.

“In the medical bay of the Marathon-Class Cruiser Ironclad. The flagship of Char's fleet. The Elites almost completely destroyed the Brute fleet by the time she got there. Shipmaster 'Vadum told me to send you his regards.”

Atin smiled. “Good. So, I trust that that Section Zero has been completely destroyed?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Thank you.” Atin walked over to Char, who was wearing a sling on her right arm. “Good to have you back, Char. And what the hell do you think you're doing out of your hospital bed?” Atin said with a smile.

Char thought for a moment. “Last time I looked, I was saving your ass. Sir.” She said jokingly.

“Good to have you back.”

“Thanks for helping us out.” Atin said to Will.

“Anytime. And I guess I owe you one for getting me back in active duty.”

I'll remember that sometime.” Atin said.

Jon spoke up. “So I guess that their time just ran to Zero.”

“Oh, my God.” Atin and Will said, shaking their heads.

Later, Atin and Kami walked up to the observation deck.

Atin told Kami, “You know, officially, this never happened. Any of it. There was no Section Zero.”

Kami nodded. “I know. No one will know what happened. Except for us. That's the life of a SpecOps soldier, isn't it?”

“Yeah. It is. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. But we have our squad.”

“We do. And I'm glad that I have such an awesome squad. But where do we go now?”

Atin looked out into the space. “We can really go anywhere. The war is over. We've had a gold rush of new technologies. We have new Elite allies. This is a period of Reconstruction for the UNSC, but it's also a period of new opportunities.” Atin looked at Kami. Then they both looked outside into the infinite space.


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