Halo- Countdown to Zero
Author: AtinMando

Chapter 13
Mission Accomplished

Nikki ran into the hallway near the first Generator. She used hand signals to tell her squad to sneak in quietly. She sneaked in, found a hiding spot, and threw a grenade. It blew, and she leapt and shot the remaining Zero soldiers. “According to Solipsil's data, I just have to walk in and that will destabilize it.” She reluctantly stepped closer to it and she heard a loud bang and her shields drained. She tried to pull back, felt some suction, and fell back. “Generator number one destabilized. Mission accomplished.”

Charlotte was ready for some payback for the ambush that she fell victim to. She backed into the door, motioned for the troops to follow, and went through, shooting wildly with her BR55 HB-SR. She felt her shooting arm recoil back, but felt no pain. She jumped and threw a grenade, rolled, and then ran through the blast, not even feeling it. She kicked the last trooper and shot him in the head. “Thats for the ambush.” She walked into the generator and it destabilized. She went to her squad leader and was about to commend him when he said, “Ma'am! You're hit! Get a medic!” Char looked down at her arm and blood was leaking out. She grabbed a tube of Biofoam from the medic that ran in and inserted it into the wound. She would be fine, and the mission was accomplished.

Kami slowly walked into the generator room with her troops. However, her mind was in a fog as she hid and took aim. She opened fire and rolled to cover. She was taking the troops one at a time, so she didn't see the trooper sneak up on her from behind. All she felt was the kick that he gave her, looked back, and saw the barrel of a rifle in her face. She rolled, swept the ground and tripped the soldier to the ground. She leveled the shotgun at the soldier and shot. Once all the hostiles were down, she stepped into the generator and destabilized it. “All right. Good job, men. Mission Accomplished.”

Will's tank brigade was doing very good against the Wraith tanks, espically because Will's Scorpion was armed with two main cannons. He trailed a Ghost and blasted it when a Wraith mortar blew up close to his tank. He swiveled his turret and shot both cannons at it, causing it to explode violently. Just then, his radar alerted him that there was a Seraph fighter incoming with a plasma charge. He kicked open the hatch and grabbed some weapons just in time to jump out of the tank before it was blasted by the charge. “Damn. Those bastards owe me a new tank.” He said as he aimed two rocket launchers at the Seraph. He fired, and two rockets, followed by two more, impacted the fighter and it exploded. He dropped the launchers and pulled out two SMGs. He shot at the ground troops surrounding him and jumped on another tank. The battle was almost over. Atin and Jon had better kill that Section Zero soon.

Atin and Jon were under fire from Masanus and his Right-Hand man, Exun Otuer. They leapt from cover and Atin shot at Masanus as Jon fought Otuer. The shots just bounced of Masanus. “Foolish little pest! Do you honestly think you are the only one who has a shield generator?” He said as he shot at Atin. The rounds went straight through his shields and hit the armor plating, denting it. He found Masanus' shield generator, a glowing box on his belt. He shot with his BR55 HB-SR as fast as he could at the box. The ammo counter flashed from 06 to 03 as he drained Axton's shields, then he used his last 3 rounds to shoot the generator. It blew in a shower of sparks. He glance at Jon, who also seemed to be out of ammo, who was in hand-to-hand combat with Otuer. Atin parried with his rifle, and Axton kicked him down and aimed the shield-piercing rifle right at Atin's faceplate. He pulled the trigger, and the rifle shot.

Will was leading the battle from on top of a tank, shooting hostiles, and routing the hostile troops. He had seen Atin and Jon infiltrate the Control Room, and now, all there was left to do was stall for time while Atin stopped the firing of Delta Halo. Will jumped as the tank he was in exploded. He jumped in a Warthog that had taken a hit, and gunned it, ramming a Wraith. He jumped behind it and tore off the protective cover. He punched the cover, and ripped out the power limiter. The Wraith's mortar cannon exploded and plasma spewed everywhere. He looked around, and saw that was the last tank. Without their Wraiths, the battle was won.

Atin opened his eyes, and everything was black. His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he saw that his HUD had been disabled. There was a large crack through his visor, and, right in the middle of it, inches from his face, was a lead bullet. Atin jumped away, and tore off his helmet. He looked at the front, and the bullet had become stuck in his visor. “Now that's what I call lucky.” Atin said. He dropped to one knee, and a section of his thigh plate popped out and a handle came out. He grabbed it, unsheathed the combat knife, and made a vicious strike at Masanus. He blocked the hit with his rifle and aimed it at Atin. “You don't scare me. I know you're out of ammo too.” Atin taunted.

“How do you know?” Masanus said.

“Cause if you weren't, I'd be dead now.” Atin said as he slashed again. Out of his eye, he saw Jon go down to an EMP burst, and the Section Zero Right-Hand was about to finish him off when Atin swept across his chest, slicing it open. He stuck the knife in Otuer's stomach, and roughly pulled it out. He lunged at Masanus again, and they fought for what must have felt like 10 minutes. Atin made a grab for the Index, and Axton made a downward strike at Atin. But the grab was only a feint, and Atin stepped back on his other foot, pushing it farther than it was supposed to go, felt it dislocate, then relocate as he got back on two feet. He kicked Axton's head with his left foot, and Axton fell to the right, right where Atin stabbed the combat knife with his right hand. The knife went in Axton's chest half an inch. Atin rolled with the knife, and when he hit the ground, dug the knife into Masanus' chest, killing him instantly.

Atin removed the Combat Knife from Masanus, and put it back in the thigh compartment. Just then, 2401 Penitent Tangent floated in. “Excellent. The meddlers have been disposed of. Commendable work, Reclaimer.” He floated close to a terminal, and a hologram of the Halo ring and a sphere in the middle of it appeared. “What's that?” Atin asked as he walked close to the terminal. “A verification that this installation has not been harmed by the meddlers. Also, a verification that the Flood is still contained.” Atin pointed to the small sphere in the middle. It was protected by many tiny specks. “What is that?” Tangent bobbed up and down. “That is the Shield World that is directly connected to this installation's firing mechanism. If this installation is activated, then a compressed slipspace portal opens, leading to the sharpened edge of the shield. Presently, there are 10 humans located in the Shield. They are safe there.” Atin nodded. “Can I free them from here?”

“Apologies. Protocol dictates that a Shield cannot be unsealed from a Sword installation.”

“That makes sense.” Atin ran over to Jon, just as he was stirring from unconsciousness. He gave Jon a hand up, then said, “Mission Accomplished.” Then, Atin passed out.


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