My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 84
Me And You Forever Baby

Me And You Forever Baby


Our first seven years we were never apart,

You owned my body and soul,

And you crawled your way into my heart,

Ever since we were young it was always you and me,

My parents told that's how it'd always be,

Me and you playing in the snd box,

Me and you playing with our pet rocks,

Me and you swinging on the swings,

Me and you doing child like things,

The first seven years of my life,

I only ever thought of you,

Remember when you were my husband and I was your wife?

We would pretend to get married out under the willow tree,

Me and you forever baby,

The way it was meant to be,

My heart used to beat against my chest,

Everytime I was going to see you,

In my head you were better then the rest,

You were my best friend and I didn't want it to change,

I only wanted you by my side,

And I always knew when I was with you,

I would never have to run or to hide,

For you looked out for me and protected me,

You did so much for me when we were both young,

So what happens now I thought it was meant to be,

Though you started to change and so did I,

When my family made me move,

All ever I did was sleep and cry,

I screamed and begged for them to leave me with you,

But they still took me away and I didn't know what to do,

Without you to play with and not by your side,

Everytime someone looked at me I would run and hide,

I used to be a loud kid and ever so proud,

Whenever we went to a Birthday party,

We were always in the center of the crowd,

But now I stick to the walls and creep around the room,

I never stay too long for I know it'll be my doom,

I'm ever so scared now I've lost you,

I thought it was me and you forever baby,

Now I don't know what to do,

Come and save me one day soon?

Come and stand by my side?

Me And You Forever Baby,

With you I'll never have to hide.




Sam-Knox.. I miss chu, the old chu, when we were little and chu were like my big brother always looking out for me, and then we'de pretend to get married, dressed up in our best clothes, our family all coming out to watch, going down to the ocean and chu taught me to swim in your swimming pool, when we used to just sit under the tree's in your backyard for hours and talk about nothing and everything.. That's what I miss the most, chu know? The old chu.. Who cared for me, looked out for me, protected me.. Chu made me who I was, chu made me let loose and be myself, now I can't do that.. I'ma scared without chu Sam. I just miss the old chu.. </3


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