My Poem Book
Author: ~Jessia*The*Star~

Chapter 82
So Unique

So Unique


They say everyone is unique,

Though this is not so,

For if everyone knew you like I do,

Then they would surely know,

Nobody is as unique as you,

You are quite a special one,

We play and talk and tease,

With you I have such fun,

I have never known somebody,

So special or so smart,

Acting like immature toodlers,

Or as boring as a old fart,

You always have a different way,

And I say this in all truthful,

Not one day is the same as the previous day,

For with you there's always something new,

Something exciting and something fun,

Weither it be playing in the Winters snow,

Or bathing under the Summers sun,

You don't understand how much I need you,

And you don't see how much I care,

I love you through and through,

Loosing you is my biggest fear,

But I'm likely to push you away,

I have good things in my life,

But they never seem to stay,

And my jelousy will get the better of me,

And I just know that eventually,

You will get sick of my little game,

And leave me like all the rest,

Leaving me to deal with the pain,

That I dealt for myself,

Cause' I know no better,

My heart crumpled into ashes,

And I write it all in a love letter,

That I'll never actually send,

For my nerves are on a high,

Leaving my head in the clouds,

As I'ma floaring in the sky,

But just so you know,

You're the one I seek,

Because baby you are just,

So Unique.


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